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Well, this won’t be for everyone but I just wanted to share an answered prayer. I am one of those humbug Christmas shoppers, waiting until the last-minute and scurrying around to get the gifts and spending way too much money. Crystal too, was beginning to experience this as the children have gotten older and she prayed for a way to bring the celebration of Christ’s birth back into the Christmas morning festivities. She subscribes to a blog and yesterday’s article gave both of us the answer and I can’t help but be excited about the gift giving and was able to almost complete my shopping list yesterday with gifts I can’t wait to give.

It starts with the three gifts from the wise men to Jesus. We will give each child only three gifts.

Next, there is a focus for each gift:

GOLD – this is the gift that is most important on the Christmas list and probably the most expensive.
FRANKINCENSE – this is a gift for the spirit and growth of the person (Bibles, devotionals, cds, etc.)
MYRRH – this is the gift for the body (clothes, shoes, perfumes, body lotions, etc.)

For example, I completed my 15-year old Grandson’s gifts yesterday with a PlayStation 3 Game he wants as his GOLD gift, a Bible for Teen Boys for his FRANKINCENSE gift and a cologne/after shave set for his MYRRH gift.

This helped take the stress out of Christmas for me and I just wanted to pass it along. So often we hear complaints about the true meaning of Christmas being lost, but we never seem to change anything, this season, I’m changing and more excited than ever to give my gifts.


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4 Responses to Putting Meaning Back in Christmas – Hi-Jacked Blog

  1. Randy says:

    Very very good.. Love it.. As a man who at some point or another strayed from the meaning of Christmas and became caught up in the secularization and materialistic Christmas.. This year, I too, have been teaching my children what Christmas really is about..and while we do the gifts exchange.. I do make sure they realize that its the celebration of our Lord and Saviors birth..

    May we all take a moment to give thanks for our many blessing and take a moment to acknowledge the birth of our Savior..

  2. Lim Peacock says:

    Great way to navigate through all the commercialism.
    I have a friend who has a unique family birthday tradition. Instead of getting presents on your birthday, you give presents to each member of the family. Each gift includes a note telling the recipient how they have impacted your life over the last year. My friend says it puts the focus on giving – not getting. He must have something there because his kids have grown up to be some of the finest human beings you would ever want to know. They are continuing the tradition with their families.

  3. With the economic times being what they are I am reminded of Scrooge. My wife’s favorit Christmas story. The essence of which is to keep Christmas in your heart all year round. Charles has shared his vegtable garden, Made a chest for the folks of 911 and he always goes overboard wanting to add more to his DVD’s and they are often delayed. LOL

    Giving each other our patience, which I have little of, our time, which I also find in short supply, our appreciation for what they do, and a smile when we feel like frowning. is a gift to treasure.

    The carpenters out there who don’t have any work can go and help a senior citzen who needs winterization and repair. We can give of ourselves which sets an example for others.

    People often bring me their “kids” to “fix” and I try to let them know that they are not broken, and most all the kids I’ve worked with save a few 🙂 aare pretty awsome.

    I cannot afford to give stuff this year like many of you who have “no work” I will give of myself and do my best to keep Christmas in my heart all year! Happy holidays, Christmas, Hanuka (sp) and Quansa. Felis Navadad, O merito gosaimasu.

    Tom/aka DocSAvage45

  4. tman02 says:

    Really a good one Charles. People do need to remember the real reason for the season.

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