Marc , Quite Impressive

being a member of The Woodwhisper Guild , I had the privilege of watching Marc’s build of his trestle table , and was quite impressed with how Marc handled it, especially the blending of the different size material to get a nice flow to the legs…  and then he elected to do a free version, which I hope you take the time to see, and again a Big Thank You to Marc for putting it up for all of us to see.. enjoy

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2 Responses to Marc , Quite Impressive

  1. Finding a niche: You and Marc have different styles:) Watching you guys do a build is pretty inpressive and interesting.
    I check his site out and of course yours to see what fits me. You are both great teachers and good at inspiring us. I get to see all the tools I can’t afford right now.:) But it helps when I am knee deep in frozen ice and snow to check in with you’all. And have my coffee before doing snow shoveling chores. Thank you for being there.

  2. Marc says:

    Thanks for the mention Neil! From you my friend, this is an incredible compliment. I appreciate the support. LIke Thomas says above, we’re all just kind of doing our thing. Its very cool seeing how many different styles and work methods there are. Pretty much something for everybody. Keep on keepin’ on brother!

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