C.P. Johnson -His Wood

 Chris has been in the wood business for many years and does a good size wholesale business, but this is his retail outlet. In here you will find almost all of your domestic hardwoods and what you will find is the cream of the crop. As I have previously stated, he has some of the best woods I have ever seen, quarter sawn oaks, super nice red 2 face cherry and Curly cherry, and his maples are super nice, matched sets , and so forth. If you are in the market for wood meet C.P., you wont be disappointed, I assure you. He is there on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, he doesn’t care for shipping just a couple of boards, but if you come by you can pick to your heart’s content. Everything at Chris’s place is labeled and he will help you pick and select. He knows what he is talking about…I was super impressed. I made a second trip to get more wood and will definitely be going back. He is about an hour or so from me, If you Google “Culpeper Regional Airport,” he is just up the road from it or on the days he is in give him a call, 540-825 -1006 .. tell him I told ya to give him a call…

The last thing I have to Say about C.P. is he is a guy you feel like you have known all your life from the second you step in the door.. I will definitely be going back… super wood and a super nice guy… how I like it.

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3 Responses to C.P. Johnson -His Wood

  1. David Wade says:

    Is he still in business?

  2. charles neil says:

    yes he is, he is only open to the public Thursday , Friday and Saturday his phone number is 540-937-3059

    good guy to deal with and excellent wood

  3. Thommy Tolson says:

    Hard to find a better person to deal with and absolutely knows his woods. He’s been doing this for a long, long time. He has fantastic sources and resources. You will not be sorry you went to him.

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