PreStain ( blotch control) .. Moving fast

I had wanted to get a blog done, with pictures of CP Johnsons,  but I got to make more prestain, a good thing, it seems to be really moving, seems we have to do a mix every day or  2 , have had alot of repeat orders, again a good thing, , and since Sherri has to do the pictures, she is boxing and shipping, got to make more DVD’s as well,  I have to tell y’all I feel so blessed, you guys have bought, and supported us all the way, some how  a simple  Thank You doesn’t seem adequate, but its all I know to say…. so Thank All of You…

     I will try to get the pictures tomorrow, , today  I have to do the prestain thing, resaw and get drawer fronts installed on a high boy, and got 24 of those trophy bases to be done by thursday or friday,  they are not hard but they are a bit time-consuming, a ton of gluing and routing pieces and parts, I glued up 12 last night, and will do the rest in just a bit, and then do my resawing while they are drying, so its bounce back and forth from one project to the other, got all my raised panels made and installed, so that project is moving along nicely as well, just doesn’t seem like enough hours in a day, I am trying to get these done by weeks end, so we can start the pie safe, next week, I got all material for them, , red oak, poplar, and some sappy cherry and soft wormy maple for the painted one,,, some how I think this painted one is going to quite the ugly duckling until it gets some paint, got poplar for shelves, as well as maple, all stuff you normally wouldn’t use.. but it will be great when done

     Well got to start mixing,, later y’all

Thank all of you again

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4 Responses to PreStain ( blotch control) .. Moving fast

  1. Jason says:

    What, no Coffee?

  2. Charles, good to be busy. Wondering??? Can the prestain mixture be sent to customers dry for them to mix? If so wouldn’t that save on your time and shipping costs?


  3. no doc, its all liquid ingredients .. wish it could be

  4. Rob McEwen says:

    I must say you got a winner with that prestain now I know how to slope it on. Did quite a few test pieces after getting back and I got what I wanted repeatabilty, after the holidays I will have to order some more.
    I can’t wait to see the pie safes finished and to see which one will be the favorite
    Thanks again for your efforts


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