Back To The Gettin / Slant Front Desk

Finishing class is all done, and the shop is cleaned up and back to woodworking, and I have alot of it to do, but this morning, I will be filming more on the slant front desk for the show, will be doing the bracket feet, and moldings, and getting it standing on some feet, and perhaps time will allow to dovetail the top of the desk and get it on.

    In the class the guys ask about doing a class on the sugar chest,

  It really does make for a good class, have done 2 or 3 on it, usually we dont go more than 4 folks, and we do a 3 day class, with the objective being everyone to leave with a chest, built, can’t do the finishing, in 3 days, but with 4 we can get them built, we usually get the material in, and get it processed , so we are ready to go , but we do process 1 fully thru, but doing all 4 is time-consuming, or you can bring your own wood,

   It encompasses dovetails, chest, the table base, drawer, lock the slide with bread boards, tapering legs, applied moldings and again ,it just makes for a nice class,

  Another class suggestion was, to do a techniques class, where we make different pieces and parts, like a bracket foot, a goose neck, taper a leg, carve a fan , and a ball and claw foot, just all sorts of techniques and methods of work, sounds like a fun class  to me

    It would seem everyone has made it back home from the class and all are safe, A good thing

        I am waiting for Crystal to arrive, and need to plane some 8/4 cherry for the desk feet, but since its Monday, maybe one more cup of coffee wont hurt,  I’m not a big fan of Monday’s, much prefer Saturdays ..

Later Y’all

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7 Responses to Back To The Gettin / Slant Front Desk

  1. Rich says:

    Charles, What the heck is a sugar cherst. From what i can gather it is something particular to your part of the country. i’ve never heard of them before. I checked them out on your web site and think they are beautiful, but what were they used for?
    Rich.(one of those yankees.)

  2. Bob says:

    Charles and Team,
    My wife and I made it home safe and sound Sunday just in time for my birthday dinner with all the kids and grandkids. I can never repay you and your wonderful family, the “finishing team” or all the medics and doctors that did such a great job taking care of me this past week.
    I honestly did not plan on getting quite that “excited” to see you again and attend the Finishing class but I believe the good Lord decided that if I was going to need some help the best place to get it was with you and some woodworking friends.
    So for all the rest of you out there feel free to sign up for any Charles Neil Class and know that he and his crew can take care of ALL your needs.
    Thanks again
    Hot Springs Bob

  3. Jason says:

    I think you need a coffee sponsor.

  4. mranch says:

    I like the idea of a class on the sugar chest!!! That is one class that I would really try to attend!!! I would like to hear more about this one!

  5. Monte West says:

    Hi Charles:
    I see you made it through another Finishing Class. Good job and I know you learned something also.
    Rich wants to know what a Sugar Chest is. I will help him by telling him that all the details are in the DVD called “Craft a Sugar Chest/Cellaret”. It goes into a lot of the detail construction. Maybe Charles will make you a copy, because it is not listed in the DVD’s.
    Have Fun

  6. Al Gunther says:

    Thanks for a great class, learned alot and sure enjoyed the company. Back in SC after spending yesterday at Montecello. While at the gift shop we saw this interesting Tiger Maple Box, and lo and behold it was one of yours. Looking forward to doing another class next year, Sugar Chest sounds great.
    Keep up the great work and Hi to Sherri and Crystal.


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