Last Class Day.. Spraying Class

On day one ,when we ask  where do you need the most help, the answer was unanimous, spraying,

“We want an off the gun , slick “Charles Neil” finish”, so that’s what we concentrated on, we did some toning, coloring and some prep work, but according to the class the DVD’s had given them the basis they needed, Mainly just wanted to polish up the spray thing, that made me feel great to know our DVD”s have helped, so we did just that.. polished up the spraying, learning the little details that make it work, and today Ed will be here and we will keep spraying, We wound up pulling some big cherry boards I have for a bunch of raised panels, and they still need to be final thickness planed, so between plywood, and all the boards we can come up with, we been spraying, horizontal, and now lots of vertical, I just went back and looked, we got slick, warm butter finishes all over the place,,, they have learned well… extremely well indeed, I feel really good that they will be able to finish, Charles Neil Style… . Well Done Guys !

     The guy who had the incident , will be here today, and we will do our best to bring him up to par and if he’s available tomorrow, I will be here and he will get his class, no matter what it takes.. !  I think that’s how it should be

    Well everyone will be arriving pretty soon , So I’m gonna get some coffee down, and ready to rock and roll… later Y’all

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5 Responses to Last Class Day.. Spraying Class

  1. Sounds great. Just a thought but maybe the next class or a member would consent to being in a DVD with you guiding the process? Not like being there but???? This guy almost died, and he wants back into your class a couple days later? I can’t get my clients to give notice if they can’t show. You have to be doing something right. Be careful and have a great time! 🙂

    Tom/AKA DocSavage45

  2. don romans says:

    Glad to hear that all is well with your student.

    The finishing class was the highlight of my summer, wish I was there again. 🙂 Was able to get 5 gallons of semi-gloss GF High Perf on closeout (cheap); going to be doing a whole lot of practice spraying once I get back into the shop. 🙂

  3. Monte West says:

    Morning Charles:
    I still think you did a great job taking care of your student and his family. I am proud of you for that. Your whole gang were put under a lot of extra pressure and the rest of the students still got there great Finishing class. That alone says a lot about your charter. Great Job Charles
    It took a few months for it all of what I learned in your class to sink in, but I for one enjoy finishing a lot more now. I use to hate all the sanding, wiping down, and brushing on finish and getting runs and drips. Now it’s fun with General Finishes and just scuff sanding and wiping on finish.

  4. Rob McEwen says:

    The Finishing Class was awsome to say the least more then I can put into words, Charles and everyone treats you like family the minute you arrive, This Finishing class you have to attend, I have to say the first day was a little nerving but Charles, Sherri and Crystal are the most caring people I have ever met and we at the finishing class got to wittness it 1st hand. I have to thank Ed for sharing his knowledge with us. I’ll say it again you have to do this finishing class watch the DVD’s and ask the questions and be prepared for lesson of a life time. No question went unanswered. through the three days I we discussed a little bit of all wood working topics. Charles and crew you are truly great people. Thank you again for your hospitality


  5. It was our pleasure Rob, Monte and everyone… glad you survived it

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