Finishing Class Doing Well \ Had a Scare

we are in the middle of the finishing class,  spraying water base finish, working on blotch control, and just generally making a mess, today we will keep spraying and brushing, take care of runs and drips, I got some nice ones,  and just keep finishing, spraying vertical surfaces, learning to look and see when you have the right gun settings, adjusting the spray guns, and  so forth, we have been using compressed air guns, today we will switch to some turbines, get a feel for them and learn how to set them up as well .

  When all the panels are dry and done we will learn how to rub them out, handle any blemishes and get that soft butter feel.

     We got a scare yesterday morning , one of the guys, got dizzy, and just sort of slid on to the floor, shortly after arriving, just real dizzy, so we called 911, and in 6 min they were here, and rushed him to the hospital, Rockingham Memorial, who has a very renowned cardiac center, and is brand new state of the art , long story short, they got him in to surgery and installed a pace maker,  and he will be released today, I don’t know about you, but that’s amazing, he is doing fine and no issues, His wife flew in, and is with him now, Sherri followed the ambulance and stayed until  his wife arrived, and her and Crystal will get his car to the hospital this morning, and we pray all be well , but  he was complaining, as he was in the hospital and they were doing test, and Sherri was calling and all he was concerned about was missing the class, and what were we doing…  I understand his thinking…. but rest assured he will get his class… and that’s a promise…

   It’s about time for everyone to arrive so best get some coffee and get ready to rock and roll…

Be Safe , Later y’all

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5 Responses to Finishing Class Doing Well \ Had a Scare

  1. Monte West says:

    Good morning:
    That is what I like about all of you. You, Sherri and Crystal think of all of us as your extended family. I hope he gets along well and I know from my experience with you that he will be back for another great class with you.
    I hope all in the class learn as much as I did, because I enjoy Finishing a lot mow than I use too.

  2. Now that’s a dedicated student. Great that you were with him and it wasn’t on the way to see you. Maybe that book you are working on could have the title..”Life and finishing”. Good to hear positive conclusions. 🙂

    Tom/AKA DocSavage45

  3. MIKE WILSON says:

    Nothing like a little excitment to start the day. You never know when something like that will come along. Count your blessings and be good to your friends.

  4. Charles,
    Just wanted to say thanks for mentioning the RMH Heart and Vascular Center in your blog post – glad to hear your student is doing fine!

    -Ryan, RMH Web Specialist

  5. Jason says:

    “Typical guy”… my wife would say.

    Great story, better ending.

    New slogan for you workshop classes…

    “Its so damn good, people are practically dying to get a spot”

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