The Pie Safe

Ok enough jig stuff, I didn’t plan to hit with it so fast, but many wanted it for Christmas, so we had to get it out there and moving in order for Whiteside to have time to make all the bits, they will have 500 to 600 bits to make, so it’s done.

Over the weekend I mocked up a pie safe. It’s shorter than the one we will be doing, I plan to do three. One of red oak, one of poplar and the other I’m not sure yet, but it will be painted. We will do three different styles. That will cover it. What am I going to do with three pie safes? Beats me, but it seems the girls have some ideas, so I don’t think it will be an issue. Anyway I mocked this up, it’s plywood and pocket screws. Not how we will be doing them, but it will give a visual reference as we move along, then I will throw some shelves in the mock up and use it for some storage.. in the back.

Click here for a source for the tins and tin material.

We have always punched our own tins, but that’s a lot of work, but also fun, well the first two are anyway, so I have designed these to accommodate the pre-punched tins which are 10” X 14” .

It will be a few weeks down the road before we start getting it aired as I have the class and a couple of projects to get completed first. We have a lot of lose ends to wrap up before Sherri will let me start the pie safes, we have to keep the projects moving, that’s what feeds us and pays the bills, feel sure many of you understand that.

Yesterday we got the show filmed for this week, the slant front partially assembled, so all is moving well, but today I need to clean the shop and get ready for the class… so best be gettin to it,

Later Y’all

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5 Responses to The Pie Safe

  1. Looks good. The only thing worse than “having to work” is “Having no work.” Crack the wip Sherri. Too many projects gets overwhelming even though I can do them, their is only me doing them. You know the feeling.

  2. MIKE WILSON says:

    Yeah, that eating thing is always good to have. I have been busier than an elf at Santa’s shop these past few weeks. Like Thomas said, having a lot to do is much better than no work. We still have huge numbers of folks without jobs, going to be a tough holiday season for many. For those of us still doing OK give thanks and maybe a helping hand to someone not so fortunate.

  3. Rich says:

    It’s good to be busy charles. Beats the alternative.
    Suggestion for another project after the pie safe & slant front desk. How about that pie crust table i see in the back ground
    of the pie safe pictures.

  4. Thats funny right there Rich, we are in the middle of a finishing clas and all the guys agreed thats the next project … guess its decided

  5. John McD says:

    Love the pie crust table project idea , I am in .
    John mcd

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