Jig is a go, Extension Table Completed

Based on your feedback, we are going forward with the jig release. I hope I got all the questions answered. One question I see over and again is whether we will keep replacement bits, the answer is yes. We will also have replacement jig plates, the plates are ½” aluminum and should not ever need replacing, but sometimes they can get nicked. Some JB Weld or auto-body filler or even epoxy makes for a quick fix.

Sherri will do a follow up email on it today and we will get it moving, Whiteside told us it would be a stretch but would may possibly have them by Christmas if we get the order in right away. So that is our target date… just so you know.

Extension table:

Below are some photos of the table completed and in its new home. Ed delivered it over the weekend, hope you enjoyed the build..

Today, I am filming the show and prepping for our finishing class, which will be Thursday, Friday and Saturday which concludes classes for this year. I also have to stay hard on the projects, got a lot to get done so it will be rock and roll as usual, hoping to slow it down some for the holidays, but I always say that and it never seems to happen… but maybe this year…

Well I got my Bubba Gump Shrimp Shirt on and its camera time ..

Later Y’all

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2 Responses to Jig is a go, Extension Table Completed

  1. Jason says:

    What was the wood used from the apron and base trim?

  2. apron is tiger maple laminated 2 pieces 1/8 thick over 6 pieces of poplar same thickness, total of 8 1/2 thick pieces laminated

    trim is walnut dyed dark…

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