Pie Safe /Dovetail Jig

after reading what all have written, I think the poplar is a go, primarily for the finishing aspect.. so what you want it to look like, cherry, walnut. Now we need to decide, Red oak, or pine for the second… both make nice pieces. but it will be your call,
Bob Kloes suggested we do one painted and age it up, can do that as well, might be interesting

so post your thoughts , want to get this going

Dovetail Jig……………..It would seem we have got the bits worked out, I will be doing some more testing today, just to be sure, yesterday I ran some test cuts, and WOW, clean and crisp, no tear out, very impressive, exactly what I was looking for, so now I got to figure out the pricing and all, I know we will have to do a survey to see how many will be interested, because I have no clue , and pricing will depend on volume for the bits, but I have to tell you, this isn’t going to be cheap, and we don’t have alot of mark up, it’s just expensive, to get the material quality we wanted… and the thinner necks, and the bits I have are test bits, so it will be approx 6 weeks or so from the time we place the order for the major run, wish we didn’t have to do it this way, but being as small as we are its hard to judge quantity as well as be able to stock alot of products, we hate that hurry up and wait thing as bad as anyone, but it’s how we have  to do it, but it also saves all of us alot of $, already told ya , never wanted in the  tool business, and still don’t, but when we can get special things made that give us a decisive edge and improve our work and make it easier as well as allow us to stretch our limits, or like the dovetail  jig, take it to another level, it’s a good thing,. and of course we do all the testing and teach ya how to use it, and if have questions we are right here, I hope that helps as well,,, so guess  I got some figuring to do, and as well one of the things i am very proud of   ” Made In The USA ”   all of it, every thing… definitely not the cheapest way to go, but how it should be, they might save a job , I hope so… and if there is an issue or question , we can talk to someone who speaks english…. actually I can speak to the “head dawgs in charge”, so we get stuff done, I like that…

    well let me sharpen the pencil and see what we can do  , but your opinion is the one that counts,   

  yea I know we been hitting ya pretty hard, lately, it’s not about keeping you buying, it’s simply opportunity, like the bits for the  slant front in the show,…. we just happen to be building it and now alot of you are as well,,, Hope that made sense..

  Well let me see where we are at and what  we will need to do to get this going… I’m excited, this has been a hard row to hoe, but it had to be as perfect as possible… just how it should be….

later Y’all

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22 Responses to Pie Safe /Dovetail Jig

  1. Frank Speyerer says:

    I have the dovetail jjig on my Christmas list. I look forward to the release.

  2. Monte West says:

    It looks like I am the first to jump in on the second Pie Safe. If I only have but one choice, it would be out of Red Oak. Also would like it left a very light finish (Golden Oak). I have seen several and they are really nice looking. The owners would not sell. Also, one had punch copper panels and the others had punched tin panels.
    Need some information on how to keep the panels from rusting.

  3. Rich says:

    I vote for the walnut finish on one
    Would like the other to be red oak.
    Thanks, Rich.

  4. GB says:

    1. Poplar = Walnut
    2. Red Oak over pine
    3. I would love to see a painted one
    4. Sign me up for the dovetail jig. Like Frank Speyerer, it is on my Christmas list as well.

  5. Jim says:

    I vote red oak and a cherry finish on the poplar. Interested in the dovetail jig basis the cost and my budget

  6. Ben says:

    I’ll vote for one painted – I don’t recall ever seeing you paint anything but kitchen cabinets.
    I’m also good for the dovetail jig.

  7. Carl Letts says:

    We’ve done poplar-to-cherry so I vote for Walnut color on the first one and (*cough* *cough*), Pine for the 2nd one.

  8. Jay Highland says:

    I vot for poplar=walnut on the first and painted on the second. Planning to go for the dovetail jig if Santa comes my way.

  9. Bob Kloes says:

    milk paint, old worn, nasty…..

  10. cbarbour says:

    Do you have any idea of a range of how not cheap the dovetail jig might be?

  11. Ron Allison says:

    I vote for Walnut on the Poplar as I’ve seen you do cherry in some of the ‘It’s all about the color” videos. As to the other I’ll go along with whatever the majority wants. Are you still planning on the PDF with regards to the dye formulas?

  12. John McD says:

    I would like to see walnut on poplar ,I really would like to see an old aged stickily type of color on the oak . But I an also with big bob I would not mind seeing something done old and nasty someday.
    As far as the jig .I am jiggy with it.
    John mcd

  13. Norm Reid says:

    I got a chance to try out the dovetail bit and jig yesterday and it sure is sweet! As Neil says, it left a very clean joint with no tearout. The set will come with four different sized bits plus two jigs for pins and tails. I was on the fence about it, figuring I could cut my own or use the Porter-Cable jig for dovetails that don’t look hand cut. But after trying it out, I’ve decided to get a set. I already have plans to use it in place of hand cut dovetails on a desk I’m making and undoubtedly many other projects as well. And, maybe I’ll just sell my Porter-Cable jig!

  14. Norm Reid says:

    I forgot to add that while testing the dovetail bit, I ran it into a screw, which made an unfriendly noise. But Neil was not concerned, said it was good because the bit did not break. He touched the HHS with a diamond file and it’s as good as new. Cut some more test cuts and it was as clean as before. So I guess he solved the neck thickness issue.

  15. Jeff Fleisher says:

    Many of you know me from the forum and show…I spend time at Charle’s shop and help take pictures, sketchUp, videos, etc and he let’s me play around in the shop and ‘peek’ over his shoulder.

    I have to tell you, these new dovetail bits are really nice. I know I’m probably biased but I used the sample bit on a recent project and they produce a very clean cut and the small neck produces a ‘hand-cut-like’ dovetail. Put a scribe mark across the baseline and you can’t tell how they were cut!!

    I heard Charles on the phone with Whiteside more than once and I can tell you that he has pushed them for the best quality bit they could make with a narrow neck and decent angle so the dovetail looks realistic. I’ve also heard him push for the best price that he could get! We’ve had many a conversation about this kit and Charles definately wants to produce a high quality product that you will enjoy using and be very pleased with the results.

    Jeff (chpcrvr)

  16. Joe Denney says:

    I’ve been holding off on buying a dovetail jig,since I know you have this one coming out. Gonna hafta stretch my tool budget way past the breaking point to get this one, but I’m looking forward to pricing, ordering details, etc.

  17. don romans says:

    I’m in for the dovetail jig for sure! Pie safe; I’m with Bob, old and nasty.

  18. Jason says:

    Poplar to walnut.

    Painted oak aged like 80 yr old sun bather on south beach.

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