Just Saw Dust Today

I still have alot to tell you and show you from NY, had the chance to visit Sal Marino from Monster Woodshop, as well as Brian from Integra, who makes saw blades, router bits and also has a sharpening service, which I just had Brian sharpen about 20 of my saw blades, WOW is all I have to say, But for a day or so here, I have to rock and roll, got several projects to be done by the weekend.

     It seems every time I think I’m getting ahead of the game, something throws a wrench in it, I’m so far behind, but will get it done, it just never seems to fail,  so today I am wrapping up the build on the pull apart table, many of yo have asked for more info on it, so i will blog it as well, but to do so I need to get it all wrapped up.

    Over the weekend Ed and I cleaned the shop , rearranged some things around for better flow, basically shoveled out, so the shop is relatively clean, and that always makes for better working, and faster… so that will be a big help.

     Carl Letts is coming up tomorrow and bringing some reclaimed pine he found for me in North Carolina, and at some point I need to go to the mill and get some red oak, and poplar,  will use the red oak for one of the pie safes, and trying to decide if I want to use poplar or the reclaimed pine for the second one , I like the old pine, it can be gorgeous, but it can also be tough to deal with, so guess I will see what we have when Carl gets here, I also have some Butternut, and some sassafras .. ( oak looking , worm holes ,some ambrosia ), so after seeing the pine, we  can decide, what would be your choice for the pie safes, remember they are a country utilitarian piece, not a fancy formal piece, let me know if you will , your opinion is what I like.

well off to the saws, got a ton to get done

Later y’all

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7 Responses to Just Saw Dust Today

  1. Monte West says:

    Morning Charles:
    I for one would like to see the pie safes made out of the red oak and the reclaimed pine. The pine maybe hard to work with, but at the end it will look great.
    I have talked to Sal two or three times. He is a real gentleman and very helpful. I was totally surprised. I know you enjoyed your visit with him,

  2. Jay Highland says:

    reclaimed pine or butternut

  3. Ken Weinert says:

    I’d be interested in seeing butternut used in a larger project.

    Also be interesting to see one of the rare pieces done in oak. Seems like it would be fitting for this sort of piece.

  4. Jason says:

    I will be the lone one wanting to see poplar and oak. Both can offer a challenge to finish depending on what you are looking for.

    I know there are a few out there looking at doing the Secretary w/ poplar and want to see the tricks to making it look like something else as well.

    As to Sassafrass…..always the ugly duckling. Would make an excellent how to.

  5. Ron Allison says:

    I agree with Jason I would like one to be poplar as I want to see how you finish it. Besides the hanging cabinets you did recently were made from pine as I remember.


  6. What will the interior of the pie safe be? Were some of the early ones painted with milkpaint? Oak, pine and walnut are american staples along with cherry . There is so much to choose from.

    If it would be a copy of an original pie safe how would you build it? What would be your choice Charles?

  7. David Harms says:

    pie safe is screaming to be built in pine I think…

    Jason, take a look at the December 2008 newsletter that Charles put out , it has some color samples for layered water based die with stain on top from general finishes.

    with these along with charles’ pre-color conditioner is the approach I plan to take on my poplar slant front.

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