Ground Zero / The Chest

Ground zero, is far from being restored, it is blanketed in construction fences, but I did a little climbing and got some pictures ( yep climbed my big a** up on the fence), but still hard to get any decent shots, it’s still just a big hole but they are working.

The interesting part was watching John McDwyer, he was there that morning, and to watch John replay that day in his mind was amazing, he had never been back, he was telling us where he was, where they carried bodies, and described the scene, it was a terrible day, and chaos, but they remained fast and did their jobs, running hoses from blocks away, as water mains and all were destroyed, siphoning fuel from anything they could find to keep the pumpers running, and as many of you will recall , standing in the middle of all that devastation was a single steel cross, it remains, although it has been moved off the site and will be returned when the re-construction is complete.

There are no words I can use to describe, the feeling I had seeing it, or watching John, so I won’t try, it was memorable. Later when we went to John’s firehouse, a couple of the guys were there, John told them he had gone back, they simply said they had not, and didn’t intend to, guess that’s one of those “nuff said” things.

Nine years later it’s not forgotten, its our modern-day  “Pearl Harbor”… I noticed folks from all over the world were there .. no one has forgotten, and won’t.

 The blanket chest was simply put in John’s, hands to see it through, it will go to his Fire House until such time a permanent home is decided upon, no ceremony, no hoopla, the Healing Heart Blanket Chest and Letters have been delivered. It will be for those who lived through it to decide its future. I’m good with that.

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6 Responses to Ground Zero / The Chest

  1. Rich says:

    We will NEVER FORGET, NEVER.!!!

  2. Jay Highland says:

    May the effort of everyone involved help bring peace and closure for those so deeply affected. A very sobering event, thanks for being there.

  3. Randy says:

    thanks for going thru all this was a very kind hearted gesture that you did..would have loved to make that trip with ya.. maybe one day..

    again..thanks for everything..


  4. Jim Brokenbourgh says:

    What a great gift and wonderful Idea to have it full of letters
    The Real Charles and Sherri and their love for others strikes again .

  5. Denis Rezendes says:

    That’s such a wonderful thing and i know that will mean a lot to the firefighters who were there on that terrible day

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