T.V. and me ..Lets get it out of the way !

  This has been ask enough, and since this thread on our forum was put up I have had alot of emails http://www.freeforum101.com/charlesneil/viewtopic.php?t=1999&highlight=tommy&mforum=charlesneil

not to mention the number of views and they are mostly from guest… so I just wanted to address it and be done with it.

     First let me say , thank you for all your support, now let me say, that’s how I like it, me and you…

       I enjoy the personal contact, I enjoy “helping”, alot…. have told you many times before not looking to be famous or some sort of celebrity… just doesn’t fit me in the least , When I do a product or tool video, it’s a means to an end, I do it for ‘revenue” to support the educational side, but I also retain  the right to refuse , and trust me I do, and now days I don’t do much of any, which I am fine with.

    One of the things I have really come to enjoy , is finding small folks who make great products,and introducing them to you , like Monster Woodshop, Industrial Abrasives, Hamilton tools, and coming shortly “Integra” saw blades and sharpening service,  ( just killer guys, visited them in NY.), these are folks who do superior work… like painters pyramids, and Work sharp, and Horton Brasses, and General Finishes…  and I KNOW that.. because I use them all the time….

    Here in lies the point , I have a woodworking business, our DVD”S and our little store, our weekly show , and I am happy with it, and it grows some everyday… I stay busy with client commissions, and  all the other, and answer emails and so forth , for me its a personal thing… Just how it is.

  T.V.  serves 1 purpose .. to sell, that’s why there are commercials, entertainment is provided to increase viewers, thus increasing  the commercial cost, simple as that, in the case of PBS, product recognition IS the commercial….. No matter what , its purpose is to sell  product or services… I am not interested… I like where I am at.

     Norm made some $ , I imagine, but not too many other’s have managed to do so, you have to understand, the folks who watch woodworking shows , don’t buy furniture normally,  so the expanded awareness doesn’t help your sales, might boost your ego, but . what happens when the show ends,  know what I mean… and this is just my personal thinking…

      If  at 57 I spent 3 years with some TV show, and it ended , what would I have,  if by the same token , I continue to develop my DVD’s, build for clients, develop my products, and so forth, where do you think I would do the best…. I know the numbers… it doesn’t pay all that well and there is alot of time demand…I guess if you want to be a personality, and that appeals to you its fine.

       I would also have to be honest and say I would not choose me for TV , beside’s the ageing thing,  I have worked for myself all my life, and while I take instruction well, I don’t take direction too well,  did that make sense ?  Hope So

    So in a nut shell .. here is what disqualifies me for TV.

 I have a  job, and I am too old, overweight, and cantankerous at times

PS  Sherri and Crystal both told me not to write this and to leave it alone… 🙂    nuff said !

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16 Responses to T.V. and me ..Lets get it out of the way !

  1. Chris Barbour says:

    You’re famous at my house and on my TV all the time!

  2. good enough for me Chris , good enough for me, !


  3. Jay Highland says:

    I like having you right where you are,doing what you do so well. Thanks for being there.

  4. wood400 says:

    charles you have been a great inspiration for me.
    thanks alan

  5. Dohnn says:

    Charles, I don’t think Tommy made the right choice. I think the future is in web content. His rough cut show was a lot like yours, informal, fun and informative. These podcast shows can be much more directed and informative. I’m glad you went this route, and hope it is paying enough to keep you at it. Thanks a lot, Dohnn

  6. Ben says:

    What Chris said – right on. I’ve said it before – the show and the DVDs and the forum is like going to woodworking college. I’ll take that over infomercial entertainment any day! Nobody else teaches the down and dirty behind the magic like Charles.

  7. Monte West says:

    Hi Charles:
    I hope the trip to New York was Fun.
    I just read the form piece. I am with Beachbum. You are all the teacher I need, and for Finishing I think you are the best. The reason I say that is, I just finished a very large piece and with the help of Charles the piece came out great. The Church love the finish. Thanks to you Charles for your teaching Finishing Classes and the direct contact I can have with you for help.

  8. MIKE WILSON says:

    ” I have a job, and I am too old, overweight, and cantankerous at times”

    First off we are pretty close to the same age so you are matured not old. Like myself, you like to watch your weight that’s why you keep it out where you can see it. As for the cantankerous part well, enough said.

  9. You also could not express your own opinions about tools etc.

  10. Wayne says:

    Agree with everything you said, etc. As for cantankerous, when you reach a certain age you have earned the right. Wish I was as “young” as you are. So, I am even more cantankerous. Glad you are back safely from New York. I for one, appreciate you input on tools and what you like. Ignore the nay sayers, they don’t count anyway.

  11. Mike Zilis says:


    I haven’t followed the forum post that prompted you to write this blog entry. I’m glad that you took the time to respond though. The two things I want to get across are: 1. I hope you continue to do the things that YOU want to do in the way that YOU want to do them. 2. I hope that the woodworking community at large recognizes and appreciates the talent and enthusiasm that you bring to the craft.

    I realize that most of us, your audience, are hobbyist woodworkers as opposed to a seasoned professional furniture maker like yourself. I am always on the look out for educational opportunities to further my skills. The online world of Charles Neil (YouTube, Web Site, Blog, Weekly Podcast) is by far the best I have found. Even though I willingly and happily pay for some of this content, I’m still grateful for the effort and quality of the material that you and your team (Sherri, Crystal, Ed, etc.) publish. Selfishly, I hope you continue on in the way that you are for as long as you can.

    Thank you!


  12. Rob says:

    I would love to see you as a guest on his show, I don’t know if you could understand each other but I think it would be great to see. He could learn a few tricks I’m sure. Just keep doing what you’re doing you will be rewarded I’m sure off that. I’ll keep watching your stuff because it is good content. Thank you for being true to yourself and giving so much to us

  13. Rich says:

    What they all said Charles.
    I’ve only been watching your weekly webisodes since march but have gotten a ton of info & some of my skills have improved a bunch. Thanks to you.
    Keep doing what you do so well.

  14. Ron Allison says:

    I’ve been a member of MW since almost the beginning and what you’ve taught me is worth way more than the twenty dollars a month I’ve gladly paid. Don’t know if I’ll ever build all the projects you’ve presented but I know that my woodworking has improved simply by watching how you build. Plus watching you is alot more enjoyable than watching TV.

    By the way I’m a whole lot more cantankerous than you!

    Keep on keepin’ on –

  15. woodworkerscott says:

    Your honesty is appreciated. It is a true gift to be content and love what you do. Good for you. Keep doin’ what your doing. We appreciate it.

    “nosce te ipsum”… Latin for “know thyself.”

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