Please Vote and other stuff

its Nov 2nd, I hope you will exercise your right to vote , complacency here is not what is needed, I don’t do politics, but you can bet all the special interest groups will be out in force,  voting is your only source of  fighting back.

   Had a big blog planned for today, but then I remembered it was Tuesday, so I am running behind, have to get the show filmed so it can be prepped and uploaded, alot of work, so will go for tomorrow .

    We have been discussing the ‘Pie Safe” build, it will go up on our site as well as you tube, it will be 30 min segments, and we will continue until it is done, I am building   2, one will be poplar , made to look like walnut or cherry , and the other will be red oak, because it’s an extremely popular wood , Will have Jeff do a sketch up , and get all the dimensions,  for a PDF download , this will basically be woodworking  101, from selecting the wood, what to look for, and why and then step by step for the build.. we should begin filming next week, hopefully…will keep you posted.

    Later y’all

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5 Responses to Please Vote and other stuff

  1. adam says:

    Thanks for the encouragement to vote, Mr. Neil!

  2. David Harms says:

    definitely get out and vote, although with two weeks of early voting you better have done it already!! 😉

  3. looks like better than average voter turn out. People are expressing their discontent. Again! Think anything is going to change? As Bill Clinton said,”It’s the economy, stupid!”

    Heard some idiot commentator say “no one wants to give up their entitlement.” Not when I put my manditory part in since i was 16 years old! And the politicians borrowed the money in the account!

    As my dad use to say, “you can vote them out if you don’t likr what they are doing.” Will see if he is right on the 3rd of November.

  4. Jay Highland says:

    …. and back to woodwork’in….
    Thanks for doing the pie safe build. It will help a lot of newbies get their feet wet.

  5. Denis Rezendes says:

    if i was 18 i would have!! hey there’s always the 2012 elections though

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