Back On The Porch… back home

 Arrived at the shop about an hour ago, unloaded all the “stuff”, only stopped at 2 Woodcrafts… a record for me I guess, and i got alot to tell ya about,  it was an interesting trip, the fishing didn’t work out too well, couldn’t get any bait, but that was OK, got to ride around the bay some and see  Ocean City from the water, and then we headed to NY, got the T shirts and pictures to prove it, went to Time Square , I knew there were a zillion wood colors, just didn’t know it was the same for hair, or that it could be spiked that high, or skirts could be that short.. it was something to see , at least once… but I will tell ya all about it later, right now, I am  ready to go home , and recover.. so we will talk tomorrow , got to hit the door running full blast , a ton of stuff to do, projects, and get this weeks show filmed..  but for now… the Big Dawg is porch bound

later Y’all

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2 Responses to Back On The Porch… back home

  1. Sal Marino says:

    Neil, Thanks so much for taking the time to come down and visit while you were in NY, that was really nice. It was great meeting you and spending some time talking with both you and John and thanks so much for driving Charles down John.

    By the way Neil, you are a lot taller than you look in the videos 🙂


  2. hey Sal “How ah ya”, we wil be getting the pictures and stuff up shortly , taller huh?. your a sweet man Sal… loved meeting you , and the rosewood veneer is super nice, you da man !

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