Internet issues

for some reason I am having internet issues , and its hard to get a good connection, was able to get on here now , and suspect it will be just for a little bit,  will be in NY  Friday, so hopefully we will be able to  get some post up…

    Going  to do a bit of ocean fishing tomorrow, will see how that goes.. one thing I have learned , I dont relax well,  just been relaxing and doing alot of nothing,     hardest thing I have ever had to do,  dont know what to do with myself… and with the internet coming and going and tropuble gettin on line… well you get the point…

   Uh oh, im losing signal again… later yall…

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7 Responses to Internet issues

  1. Bob Kloes says:

    I see relaxing has not improved your spelling.

  2. well it could be worse,I was going to say we are going striper fishing ( bass) but it kept coming out “stripper ” .:) . he he he he .. in either case it will be fun, will ship ya some fish if we get any… will ship “ground”, just so ya know how much I care 🙂

  3. Monte West says:

    Bob I bet he will be the one feeding the fish. Ha Ha

    Does he even know what a striper is?

    I hope you have fun Charles and don’t get to wet.

  4. DavidH says:

    LOL Bob! “they would spit you out”

    Charles, try to relax just a little this week, you will live longer! 🙂

  5. Charles, did you have fun when you were a kid? Just be yourself. Might bring perspective once you’re back scratchin to get off the porch big Dawg? Besides, how does Sherri like it? 🙂

    When you are doing what you love, you are always on vacation! 🙂

    Tom/AKA DocSavage

  6. mikega says:

    Oh boy fish and grits:(

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