Pedestal Table and Stuff ( Goose Neck Bits )

You may have noticed I cleaned up the blog some, got rid of alot of the rambling junk, feel sure there is alot more, but this will do for now, needed the room.
Sherri is sending another email on the goose neck bit showing the profile and looks like we will have enough to go forward, remember to make the goose neck you will need the custom bit as well as the roman ogee, I will also do a video on how to use it and how it all works, not difficult , so if it’s of interest to you , now is the time, she is getting the bits in the store as well, with the bulk pricing , thanks for your support , and I know you will like the way this works ! here is a link to the store so you can see the profiles, and the prices,       I have to say I was thrilled we were able to get the prices this low , its that group thing..
Below are some pictures of the table we have been working on, yesterday, I got the slide’s installed , they are the geared slides and also have a pre-arch  built-in to keep the table level here they are and my source      one  of the things I like to do is to use as large a slide as I can, I find the longer slides which have more attach points,and support more of the top the better, so here the slide I used is the 38″, just does fit inside the aprons, but again it gives alot more support, and in the event a nother leaf was desired it would accommodate , I like the geared ones, as they allow for one person operation, meaning , when you pull one side, the gear pushes the other side, works nice.
With the slides installed I did a fast pedestal mock-up out of MDF , it’s a 22 1/2 degree tapered octagonal , then I started cutting and gluing up panels to make all the other components, I took a picture of the desired look, we will use some dark walnut for accent, and the feet,, so here we have a basically period style top on a more modern or contemporary pedestal, it will look great when done, so stay tuned as we “get’rr done”.
Today and tomorrow will quite busy, still got alot to do, so best be gettin to it, hey its Friday, hope you get some shop time over the weekend and be safe.

Later y’all

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3 Responses to Pedestal Table and Stuff ( Goose Neck Bits )

  1. I’ve never made a pedestal table just like that very interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how the goose neck router bit works too.

  2. john says:

    Just a quick question. The apron was that a bunch of thin strips you laminated around a form ?
    John mc d

  3. yes john it was 8 1/8 thick pieces

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