Pie Safe Is a GO

Looks like it will be first of November when we do it, , but we are definitely going to do a couple .. just for fun … we will post it here as well as do the particulars in the newsletter , looking forward to it,

   Today I have to get heavy into some projects, got to keep  it moving, sure you all know how that goes…

      I will hopefully pick up the table build tomorrow , from the newsletter, I have some table slides ordered which should arrive today I hope, so I am waiting on them to be able to get the pedestal figured out and then make it, so we will let ya know.

        Not alot more to talk about,  got alot to do, the newsletter took more time than we thought, but its all done, so time to get back to  making a living…. seems like that keeps getting harder… or is it just me….. it seems to me the economy has just stopped…. I honestly have never seen everything this slow…  how about you ?

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9 Responses to Pie Safe Is a GO

  1. Monte West says:

    What are you going to build the pie safe out of? Southern yellow pine? Oak?

    I think the economy is going backwards and the people on fixed incomes are not getting any help from this government. It looks like everybody will be in trouble with this economy for at least 3 mores years.

  2. Looking around the webb for ideas. How can someone make a floating shelf, with supports out of wood and finish it and sell it for 22 dollars and make a living? Isn’t even minimum wage? I’ve not recieved one cold call for my increased advertising. Listening to a business report,…heard companies are cash rich and sitting on it. I have observed a number of commercial buildings being built or remodled in Mankato, MN. Japanese banks are proping up their economy with a similar cash influx and lower interest. And while we are worrying the idiots in washington, both parties don’t have a clue. Charles keep leading the charge maybe someone will get the message.

  3. MIKE WILSON says:

    The Economy is kind of a mixed bag of good and bad. The market is still coming back and has been pretty good lately, the DJI sitting at 11,126 as I write this. Many corporations are sitting on large amounts of cash and have been reporting good earnings. Our government is still spending and printing money as fast as it can, not a good thing. With the unbelievable amount of debt and payment on the bonds to cover all of the new money we the taxpayers are stuck with a huge bill. It’s like giving a stranger your credit card, they run it to the max, you are stuck with the bill.
    One way to help pay this bill is to reduce it to half the value that it is, .50 to a $. Keep printing money and that is where we are headed, the value of a dollar keeps dropping. Great way to scam the Chinese unfortunately it also screws the rest of us. Raise the heck out of taxes is another way to raise funds to pay the big bill. The threat of which is why corporations are hording cash instead of expanding, which normally creates private sector jobs. The market going up is great except that the dollar is losing value.
    What’s the answer, I don’t know. But absolutely remember on Nov 2 to take out the TRASH!!!

  4. Randy says:

    I have seen things out here in Southern Calif go stagnant..meaning neither going up nor coming down..seems like everything is at a standstill here with a few jobs popping up now and then..I’m kind of one of the lucky one’s so far by having a furniture designer design furniture for me to build so he can sell his line..so it keeps me busy, but I always wonder how long this will hold up, for me and my luck..seems like nothing last very long..I have also seen tons of cabinet shops go under and not make it at all.. just breaks my heart..

  5. Kevin says:

    If y’all think Mike’s synopsis is over-the-to- doomsday, consider the possibility that it’s too optimistic. The largest holder of US debt instruments is China as everyone knows, but 99 out of a 100 don’t know who is the second largest and rapidly overtaking China as number one possibly even this week, no not Japan . . . it’s the Federal Reserve itself!

    When the house has to buy its own chips to keep the con game going you know it’s getting down to the last phase of the ponzi scheme. And the last phase of all ponzi scheme’s is when the cons leave their marks with nothing but an worthless IOU.

    The reason our economy is so volatile is because of the Federal Reserve itself. Fiat currencies coupled with a fractional reserve debt-based system have a 100% absolutely predictable future – they will, without exception, collapse through hyperinflation no matter if the manipulators take us through a deflation beforehand or not, hyperinflation is always the destiny of the fiat currency. The only way the dollar can avoid it is if the crime syndicate that stole our government in 1913 decides to order their thugs (the people we call our congressman) to finally sign that one last treaty that will dissolve our sovereignty and bring the one world currency to a wallet near you.

    The one world fiat currency is already designed and waiting to be issued. It’s called the “Bancor”. 420 of the worlds largest banks are pressing for it to be issued this coming year. All they need to do it is a “worldwide financial catastrophe” severe enough to cause the sheeple to clamor in the streets for government to save them. And like in 1913 when they told us we needed to allow an international private banking cartel to take over the issuance of our constitutionally sound money in order to “save us from the “inelasticity” of our lawful tender of the time, so too will the one world currency become another shackle to liberty and freedom, ushering in a new age of enlightenment – called global slavery.

    That’s my take on the economy, and you can quote me on this. 😉

  6. Kevin says:

    That’s supposed to read “…over-the-top doomsday”. Where’s my edit button!

  7. and now back to the pie safe, and something we have a little control over?

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