Bombe Drawers Cont / Freeman Pin Nailer

We got all the drawers built, including the remake of the bottom drawer, now what will happen is we will template cut the front and back profiles on the drawers, using a top bearing pattern makers bit, this will establish the correct shape the drawer sides need to be, then as we discussed earlier we hand plane the sides to the now established profile, and we have the shaped drawer sides, feel sure some tweaking will be in order, and using the chalk on the inside of the case to show us a map of any areas that need attention is a good trick to get every thing just right, but the final profiling of the drawers will have to wait until the next class, hopefully in November, and in that class we will also get the fronts re-sawn and installed and the shape them to the case, again a lot of hand- planing.

Speaking of hand-planing, I just got a couple of the new IBC plane blades from Woodcraft. I keep hearing how good they are, if first impressions are any indicator , they look super, so I will give them a quick polish up, and see how they perform, and let you know my thoughts.

This bombe does require a lot of hand shaping and work, and the sharper the better, so again I will make sure everything is super sharp (Worksharp), and honed , as well as my scrapers, I really like the scrapers for finishing off the planed surfaces, and I love the “Old school” surfaces, while some sanding will be in order, on the exterior, every thing inside will retain the “knifed surfaces”, since we are putting this much effort into hand shaping all this, when it is examined in the future , they are going know it was hand done , so some plane marks and slightly irregular surfaces are in order, let them see where your “hands were”, let them know it was made with sweat and skill !

I got the Freeman pin nailer. Again its a first impression, but I really like it, actually didn’t find anything I didn’t like , Ed and Billy were here so, well they had to test it out, so after each of them machine gunning nails , and going thru the different sizes , it got a big thumbs up, and these guys don’t like anything, so then came the critique, ( knew it had to be something), it didn’t have a case or a rubber tip , I said, look at the price, make ya a case , and in case you didn’t know , you touch the tip to the wood, and it doesn’t mar the surface, you’re not supposed to use the tip to beat the nail in, I got a “yea guess you right” … then I hear ” bam , bam , bam, bam, ” shooting more pins, so bottom line is, while I can’t attest to the long-term endurance of the tool, it sure looks, feels and works nice coming out of the box, and like I said in an earlier blog, the reviews have been very positive , I bought 2 of them, and I really think I am going to get the brad and staple gun as well , for the $$$ , these look hard to beat, and my brad nailer and stapler are well used and worn, I use the stapler all the time especially for jigs and things, it holds amazingly well in MDF , and plywood .

Here are some more pics from the Bombe:

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4 Responses to Bombe Drawers Cont / Freeman Pin Nailer

  1. Nice looking dovetails…are those hand cut?? (!)

  2. no Jeff , just look it, they are our Jig, its a coming

  3. Captjack says:

    Dovetail jig —-WHEN????
    I’ve had the Freeman pin nailer for about 8 months, use it a lot. Only thing I find fault with is nail size limited at 1″. I could have used longer pins on a molding project, but the 1″ did ok.

  4. Jigs are in the house.. waiting in the bits as we speak

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