Bombe Drawers Continued

I really dislike making mistakes, but it happens, and in this case my “new idea” was to shape the sides of the drawer to fit the case then do the front and back, and the pins, all went pretty well , until it came time to install the drawer, it was 1/2 inch too wide, don’t ask me, because I have no clue, we dry fitted the drawer, and took all our measurements and it was exact, so either it grew over night, or 2 of us misread the tape , but in any case it was too wide, so I resorted back to the original way I shaped the drawer sides on all the others, and it was fortunate we had thick enough sides to pull this off, .
We simply made a Mdf pattern of the case side , and made sure it fit well, then put it on the drawer face and using a pattern bit routed the front and the back of the drawer to shape, then hand planed the bulk of the side to match the profile, worked like a champ, now the issue is the sides are a bit too narrow at the top and bottom, ( not much to run on), like the original was , and what I was trying to overcome with the thicker material, so we will remake the bottom drawer, not a big deal and certainly don’t want to compromise this piece in any way, so we lost some time and a little wood, not happy about it, but it could be worse, this could have been a matched face, this is what i really like about doing the applied fronts, when it gets time to apply the fronts all the fitting and tweaking are done and success is assured .
We got the 2 center drawers made yesterday as well , so today we make the top drawer, and finish fitting the other drawers and remake the bottom, our goal is to get all the drawers made and fitted ready for the fronts in this class , looks like we will make it despite the error.

we will follow-up more tomorrow

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2 Responses to Bombe Drawers Continued

  1. Monte West says:

    Hello Charles:
    This looks like a Masters Class. I think you are having fun because you are having continuous challenges with the build. I think you enjoy that part.

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