Bombe Begins Again Today

Frank will walking thru the door any minute  now , and we will begin final fitting the upper case drawers, and then on to the bottom drawers, these are a bit tougher, we have to fit all the side profiles , by hand planing the drawer sides to the case side profile, not hard but it does take some effort and some trial and error , and a lot of fitting, so we will tag you along as we go, then comes applying the finished drawer fronts, and the beading on the case, the upper case is straight forward, but the bottom case again we have all the shaping to contend with, and considering the beads are on the case and the case sides have to be notched or better put a small rabbet cut to receive the bead, it requires some router work but also alot of good chisel work, but again we will do our best to show you how we do it, so stay tuned tomorrow and we will get as much up as possible.

Be safe Y’all

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1 Response to Bombe Begins Again Today

  1. Can;t wait
    I’m sure there will be a lot to learn.
    Thanks for sharing.

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