Fixin Too , The Bombe

   Frank will here on Monday, and we begin another saga on the Bombe, this time its the bottom drawers, these are a bit of a challenge, all the angles and shaping the drawer sides to match and run in the shaped sides, lots of hand planing and fitting, lots of it.

     So today I am going to pull out the Worksharp and get all the planes and chisels ready to go, touch them up with some 6000, then a good leather stroping with the leather wheel  and we should be ready to rock and roll.

     For me this is the enjoyable part of this piece, I love to shape wood, it is the slowest part of the process and takes time and patience,  never rush it, but rather enjoy it, the final result will show your skill and patience, and patience is the primary , again

“Sneak up on it”,    it just works,

      Yesterday I saw the Woodcraft flier that had the   Freeman pin nailer on sale for 40.00

also read the reviews, and then contacted one of the guys at Woodcraft and from all I can see it looks like a good deal and a good pin nailer,  so I ordered one, also ordered a rebuild kit for my Krex , its shot a ton of pins and its starting to miss fire some, so time to fix it, but for 40.00 I had to get the Freeman , I use these alot for  holding drawer fronts in position and as well for molding applications, I have also been known to use them a time or 20 for holding a template for pattern routing , and when done simply pull the pin and no issue , so as soon as it arrives I will check it out and let you know what I think.

     Me and the flu bug are still somewhat at odds, but I seem to be winning, I will get  the blanket chest base together and a little final shaping and we are ready to start finishing, and then start looking at starting the cherry slant front, I am assuming this is still where we want to go, havent had much imput on it, so guess we will just do it. I think it’s an excellent project, it sure is one of the top searched  pieces , so there is certainly alot of folks looking to make one, or purchase one.

    yesterday  Bob Revelle and his wife  Polly    came by , they have been vacationing from Arkansas and decided to swing by and say hello, so we are going to glue up the base this morning, and film it so all the show folks will get to say hello to Bob , and we did the same with Mike Wilson, but then he caught the flu bug, oops… so I will be more careful with Bob ( sorry Mike) .

   Y’all be safe ,

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9 Responses to Fixin Too , The Bombe

  1. Ben says:

    Speaking of good deals, Woodpeckers has their original precision router lift on closeout for $199. That’s $130 off regular price. Screamin’ deal!

  2. thanks Ben, this is the lift i have and love it, this is a great deal

  3. MIKE WILSON says:

    Bob all I can say is wear a mask. My cold or whatever it is, is much improved today. It was bad for the last three days. Charles goes all out in everything he does including the spread of germs. Thought the throat medication we shared would have stopped it!!!!

    • Bob Revell says:

      Thanks for the tip Mike ! I thought about asking for a mask with a charcoal filter but figured Charles would not have any since he is switchin’ us all over to water-based finishes.
      He is also getting better but needs to take it easy for a few more days…. just like you.
      A wonderful visit with a great guy but I still haven’t figured out how he got so lucky landing Sherri.
      Now I need to get some input back to them regarding their question about training classes.

  4. Mike , Been thinking on this,I was getting better till you showed up, so may you brought them germs up here, and I told ya, gargle and spit, gargle and spit, , you never got the spit part figured out 🙂

  5. MIKE WILSON says:

    Another case of over medication. Not sure about the germ part, we did see some exhibits on the Cold War in DC before coming to your place so maybe.

  6. don says:

    Looking forward to watching the Bombe again 🙂

  7. Lim Peacock says:

    I bought the Freeman pin nailer last week from Woodcraft. It works like a champ. It has a nice weight and seems to be well made. I couldn’t believe the price compared to my other nail guns!

  8. you summed up my thoughts Lim, there were 8 reviews on the page and all positive, so for the price figured it was a good deal

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