TGIF / More on the Professional Saw Stop 1 3/4 hp

yep its Friday, I think, we have filmed pretty hard all week trying to get the blanket chest finished up so it can be gotten ready to go to NY, it’s looking good, hopefully today we get it all wrapped up.
 I have had a chance to look harder at the SS, the fence has small wheels that allow moving it , almost effortless , never seen this before, and with the over-arm dust collection, it just seem to be nothing in the way of dust, can’t say I have ever seen dust collection on a table saw this effective before, there are just so many improvements even over ,  the original saws , it just keeps getting better.
The overarm dust collection will work on all Saw Stops, however the older versions like mine you have to add a new upgraded shroud system to the actual saw, the shroud system does just what it implies it shrouds the blade better for super improved dust pick up, I had the shroud for a while but just hadn’t gotten around to getting it on, , knowing I was wanting to go thru my saw and do some cleaning and maintenance, after using the pro saw, it had to get done.
For some unknown reason, I seem to have found a nice cold or something, and didn’t feel too good, and still don’t, so Ed was in last night and assembled the shroud and over-arm on my big saw, cleaned it all up and it looks like new this morning,I think he waxed it, it sure looks great, that’s one of the things I like about Ed,  he has always been the self-appointed maintenance guy, he like’s working with any thing mechanical, and is quite good at it, so thanks to Ed, the saw upgrade got done.Bless his heart

     Mike Wilson and his wife Patty, stopped by yesterday en route from Washington DC , headed back to Atlanta GA, so we manged to have some dinner with them last night,  with the help of some 80 proof cough and sore throat medicine, 🙂 , think I’m fixing to go gargle with some now, and if that don’t help my throat, I’m gonna, gargle again, and maybe not spit it all out, I have to film turning the foot and shaping the little leg and assembling the base and the blanket chest is done, so maybe I need to just stick with the coffee until all that is done, then some “medicine” and off to bed . We shall see how it all works out.

     Tomorrow I am going to go install the cabinets we just did for a niece, well we are supposed to, I am rethinking this right now, She is pregnant, and even if not, don’t want to expose other’s to this cold , flu , whatever, I got, and somehow at the moment don’t think im going to be feeling like wrestling cabinets on the wall tomorrow,

     Mike and Patty should be here in a little while, and Crystal will be here to film, so guess I should go gargle some, and see if some hot coffee will calm the sore throat, in any case we will get thru it , “it is what it is”, don’t have time to be sick, so taking some antibotics and get to it. ( sure is easier to write than do  HUH!)

Later  y’all

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2 Responses to TGIF / More on the Professional Saw Stop 1 3/4 hp

  1. John mcdwyer says:

    go ahead gargle then a little coffee. then get busy we have work to do 🙂

  2. Jim says:

    A little naphtha cures just about everything so a friend of mine says (definitely just kidding)

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