Saw Stop 1 3/4 cabinet saw …… A review

I have the 5hp industrial cabinet Saw Stop, and have now for several years, and it has performed flawlessly, I have done numerous “demo’s” with the hot dog, and it has never failed to reset to perfect positioning, it has always maintained perfect positioning, and it has cut thousands of feet of material , from thick hard maples, cherry , plywood, its been through the mill , I assure you , so dropping down to a smaller Saw and only 1 3/4 hp I was quite apprehensive , however having tested out the contractor version , I knew Saw Stop engineering had learned the importance of power transfer, having owned everything from craftsman contractor , delta contractor, as well as a Powermatic 66 , Delta unisaw and the Jet Exacta saw , all 5 hp in the bigger saws, I had grown to like the power, and performance of the bigger saws.

    To say the 1 3/4 hp was a surprise is an understatement ,I ran some 8/4 cherry , some 12/4 tiger maple and found it performed flawlessly, it was quite impressive, and the new dust collection Saw Stop has incorporated is super effective, as well as the riving knife and the guard system , they actually designed one for use and that works. The saw went together effortless, instruction was dead on point, and when assembled, it was perfect in squareness and alignment, fit and finish are excellent.

      I would certainly recommend this to anyone, especially for those who need a good general duty saw, I personally would prefer a larger extension table , and of course I would want a good outfeed table, but both would be easily accommodated, with those items as noted exceptions , I wouldn’t change a thing,  I honestly don’t see where any improvement could be obtained, and of course its built like a tank.

     I would further like to state that while Saw Stop provided the saw in the “ship to you” packaging , and we had to assemble, the saw  goes to a dealer , it is not given to me, and I am under no association or pressure concerning this review, it’s exactly how I personally see it,  and am totally free to express my comments in any fashion I see fit.

     here are some photos of the saw during assembly and the final product (You can click on the photo to enlarge it):

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3 Responses to Saw Stop 1 3/4 cabinet saw …… A review

  1. Thanks for the review. Saftey should be number one in all of our minds. As you have said. “No more deadlines.” Went on line to check the cost and found a different looking saw than the one you assembled and tested. Like others with few funds I’m cheap! And I hear your words, about having a room full of cheap tools. I also think about what a trip to the hospital costs these days. The saw wins!

    Tom/aka DocSavage45

  2. Bob Kloes says:

    Looks like some new things. What is the deal with the throat plate? Can you make a wooden one to fit the hole or are you only to use the one they provide? Interesting how the dust collection is done. Nice that they came up with an idea for collecting the dust up top by the blade. Nice looking unit. bob

  3. sure you can make a throat plate,so some plywood or good old MDF would work great, but i got to tell you this one is pretty slick, I will be doing more on the saw tomorrow, now that I have run it more today, its super nice ,the fence has rollers under it ,moves like silk. , and dead on accurate.

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