Saw Stop 1 3/4 hp / Queen Anne furniture

If first impressions mean any thing this is a super saw.

    Last evening I was here late so some cabinets could be picked up, so while I was waiting on the folks I started putting the Saw Stop together, first thing I noticed is how well it was packed, and protected, then the second thing was how well written the instructions were and easy to follow and how well the bolts and parts were labeled, and not just thrown in a bag.

     I worked on the saw about 30 min, and had it together, except for the fence assembly, it was super easy to put together, no issues whatsoever , and the finish and fit were flawless, I am sitting here now looking at it.

       Once together I had to cut something, so I got a piece of some 12/4 maple and cut it using the miter gauge, just a simple cross-cut, but heavy stock, it cut it like butter, no issues with power at all, and I didn’t expect any, I could tell when I turned the saw on , how the saw instantly was at full power, you could tell it wasn’t weak , I will be anxious today to get the fence on and see how it does on some serious ripping, the blade that came with the saw, is what is on it, it’s a 40 tooth , combination blade. Thus far my impressions are what I had hoped for,  While it’s a smaller saw, and much less expensive than its big brother sitting here,  there is no compromise in integrity , quality nor were any corners cut , it’s a  Saw Stop. The blade was dead on 90 degrees out of the box, as well as 45 degree, the cast iron wings bolted on dead flat, and perfectly level, attachment seam is all but invisible, so next we will get the fence and put it thru its paces , I will post some pictures as well as we will film a short video for you.

     In the show we have talked about doing a cherry slant front desk, and we have been discussing doing a Queen Anne style chair in the advanced chair DVD , so I  was looking around a little and came across the links below, you might enjoy looking at , you will have to endure a commercial in the last one for about 10 seconds, but worth looking at .

  Today we film another webisode in the blanket chest, which will get us close to wrapping it up , we are also looking to change thing’s up a bit, meaning, on subjects where we have covered numerous time, like dovetailing a drawer, or making a specific molding, we will have a separate clip on that operation for new members, or to refresh your memory, but we are trying not to have to cross the same bridge too many times, so we can move on to different style’s and different techniques, but we certainly want to be sure you have every thing well in hand before doing so.

    Well its off for some coffee, and then to filming , be safe

later y’all

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