The 1 3/4 Saw Stop arrived

nice looking saw, I must say, we havent got it together yet, perhaps over the weekend, but it sure looks nice, will be anxious to try it out,  I remember when I tried out the contractor version, I was impressed with the power transfer, meaning, how  much power the saw seemed to have for  1 3/4 hp, having used several other saws I  found them to be lacking , in power ,I was putting thick  pieces of  hard maple and oak thru it and it had no problem, alot of the saws are misleading, you have to watch for the “max developed”, decal.

      They hang a 1 1/2 hp motor on it, then tell you its 3hp ( max developed), I have always wondered what made the power double, I guess it’s the inertia when parts start coming off, never really figured out how that works or how they are allowed to advertise it as such, but they do, its one of my pet irritating issues , sort of like “Genuine Imitation Leather” , it either is or it isn’t in my book. There are just so many different ways folks like to misconstrue words to fool folks , really ticks me off .

     Today and tomorrow are pure woodworking, no filming ,just sawdust, I like that, got alot to do ,  so guess I best get to doing it, so get another cup of coffee, get my butt in gear and get it done.

later y’all

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5 Responses to The 1 3/4 Saw Stop arrived

  1. Is it direct drive or belt driven? I have a belt driven older model Craftsman, that doe OK, but, a cabinet saw is first on my NEW purchase list. If I am able to put enough together in this (**&^%& economy. LOL Hope sherri is well?

  2. MIKE WILSON says:

    This is the professional model saw, the exact same as the 3HP version just with a smaller motor. It is belt drive and seems to be built well. It’s not the beast that the industrial is but for a hobby type woodworker it should be more than enough. If it was me I would go for the 3HP. For guys who do not have 220 available in the shop the 1.75 hp is a good option.

  3. Jim says:

    I don’t have a SAW STOP but wish I did. I think any thing that will get the safety features it has available to more folks is a good Idea. Smaller motor equals smaller price means more folk can get one. I look forward to your review Charles.

  4. John mcdwyer says:

    hey I think you might know enough people in the business to get that answer . now you have me wondering why that is . sounds like a question to have answered .
    John mcd

  5. Thanks Mike. Hey Charles how is Sherri?

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