Answers on the slant front / another option

Monte I think it is the same Secretary that is in the book,  ( see comments on yesterday’s blog)

here is another version of one of the secretary, the slant front is the bottom portion, but if y’all want we can do the whole thing  , just speak up

the shellac I been using is    since Hock quit selling them

      Yesterday as I wrote, I have been finishing the show dresser, today I wrap it up, it’s looking great,  it will have its final finish today and tomorrow or Monday we will do the final assembly, and do the last webisode on the dresser for next week, the dying and sealing video is now up on the show site.

        Hope all have a good weekend and hope it cools down some more , its only about 80 now, much better than yesterday, it was miserable , as I told you it was 105 in the spray booth, since we pull air from the upstairs, and it has a black flat roof, it gets a bit warm up there, I store alot of wood up there, it sure is nice and dry when we bring it down especially if it has set a summer.

       Well got to get to scuff sanding and spraying, have a good one and stay safe , Y’all hear now !

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1 Response to Answers on the slant front / another option

  1. Monte West says:

    The slant top Desk.
    What is the general size of the desk and the whole unit?
    Is the top a seperate unit? Can it have glass doors? You show one desk upper cabinet is square with glass. I like the shape of the other cabinet with the “S” shape door tops, similar to the Corner Cabinet

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