Finishing the Dresser , Newsletter Is Out

 It’s been a full day of finishing on the dresser, did the dye, then some amber shellac, now putting on the High Performance topcoat from General Finishes, sure hope UPS gets here soon, I’m about out of finish,  I want to get 2 good coats on before calling it a day, I’m taking time to write this in between coats,  there is sure alot of surface area to get covered, but its moving along, and since it’s about 105 in the spray booth ( really), its drying pretty fast , that’s a good thing, I did have to thin it a bit ( about 10%)  so it would flow out , I could also have added a little extender to slow the dry a bit, but thinning it a little did the trick, it’s laying out nice.

      I see Sherri got the newsletter all done and out, she was having some sort of computer issues, but got them resolved, In the newsletter we have a thing about signing up on the map that is att he bottom of our website, hope you do, it helps us see and show where all of you are at, even if it looks like it is saturated, sign up, its free,

      In yesterday’s blog Monte ask to see a picture of the slant front desk we are thinking about making after the blanket chest in the show, here it is , it  would be similar to the bottom part of this secretary

so what ya think, still want to do it, i am thinking of going with the flame birch, Big Bob says we can do it, he has the wood, so im thinking we might as well show off a little and use something a bit different, also thinking of dressing up the pigeon holes a bit,.

well time to go give the drawers another coat ,

Later Y’all

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6 Responses to Finishing the Dresser , Newsletter Is Out

  1. Shannon says:

    A big yes on the slant top desk. One of these has been on my bucket list for a while. Been thinking of making a Queen Anne version with cabriole legs and only 1 drawer so you can have leg room.

    You have probably answered this 1000 times but what shellac do you prefer. For the blond stuff I just start with SealCoat but when getting into Ambers and the like Zinsser doesn’t work cause it is all waxed.

  2. Checked out the picture. Nice!

  3. Conrad says:

    OK, now that I have seen it I am definatly in for the slant front!! It is awesome!

    Lets build the whole thing, with the top i mean.


  4. Monte West says:

    Is this picture the same picture that is on page 256 of the book “Custom Furniture Source Book”? This is where Charles Neil custom furniture is shown.

  5. Jack Burton says:

    That is more beautiful than I had ever imagined.
    Let’s go for it. Got my vote.

  6. Denis Rezendes says:

    105 degrees my attick probably gets close to that ive been finishing a bed though and i can’t get it up there it was chilly today and took forever for the finish to dry! i would kill for some heat right now haha

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