Releasing the Dovetail Jig

Finally , we can release the dovetail jig, have run , tested,checked and rechecked, and all is super, but then I expected no less, when you deal with people who care and who really know what they are doing, Life is so much easier, and Comet Tool and Whiteside Machine, it just don’t get any better, cheaper yes, better NO, Just how it has to be.

   So as we speak, I am processing material and getting ready to film about the jig,  and shortly Sherri will get the video up and release the jig for orders and production , so look for the email if you have an interest , all the jigs will have my signature lazer engraved, and other security things, and every jig is 100% guaranteed, so here it come’s.

What a georgeous day, the cold front came in, its about 70 , last night it was 59, wow I can stand alot of this, AC’s are off all the doors open, this is nice.

   Well its Friday,  and its cooled down, hope all get a bit of shop time, me I going to be playing more with the dovetail jig, actually got another 10 drawers to dovetail, but it wont take long, then I am going to spend the weekend working on the book, still got alot of writing to do, but hope to make a big dent in it this weekend… so hope everyone has a great weekend and stay safe ,

later y’all

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4 Responses to Releasing the Dovetail Jig

  1. Jim says:

    Congrats on getting you dovetail jig ready to rock and roll. I know it’s got to be great if you making it. They should fly out the door if people want to make dovetails that look hand cut.. enjoy the cooler weather.

  2. Frank Speyerer says:

    Where can I purchase the Charles Neil Dovetail Jig?

  3. Frank, we are STILL awaiting the bits.. its been a tough thing to do, hopefully By mid November we can release them

  4. Frank Speyerer says:

    I am anxious to use your jig, obviously.
    Please make an announcement when it is available. I have Christmas projects on which I’d like to use the jig. Thanks for your prompt follow up on my question.

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