Rockin And Rollin / dovetail Jig

As is typical, we been wide open, going hard and strong , have done alot of filming, got the hanging cabinets in the show wrapped up, wrapping up the dresser with Marc, getting ready to pull material for the next show build, it’s a Queen Anne blanket chest, but I also need to start thinking on the next project, any suggestions , am getting alot of request for different  you tubes, from Glue choices, to selecting wood , so any suggestions you may have let me hear them.

     I am excited because today I finally get my first full set of dovetail bits for the new Jig, this is the last revision , and I just want to do one more test before I release it, assuming these do well and I know they will, as they are made by Whiteside Machine , and I know the jigs are dead on point ,they are made by  Comet Tool out of New Jersey,  so if all is correct, I am going to release them, now we will have to do a prerelease and it will take approx 5 to 6 weeks for all the bits to be made, we will explain it all in a newsletter when we release it, It will be pricey , look’s like 400 +, will not know until all the final cost are in, But we didn’t design this to be cheap, we designed it to super fast and effective, and last, I have now used the first bit we had made to dovetail  40 drawers, with an average of 4 to 6 dovetails each , and the bit is still going strong and sharp, you do the math… and its all made in the USA, The jig is also made to cut a hand cut looking dovetail, actually it was done to exactly mimic my personal dovetail’s , when I hand cut them,  so it had to have the correct degree (10), and it had to have the nice thin neck, this is the key to looking hand cut, and this required alot of work and engineering to make the bits , it only cuts thru dovetails, but it cuts them so nice, but im getting carried away here, we will do a video and show you how it works, but  it requires  various cut length bits , in order to maintain the narrow neck,  so we have  a 3/4 , 5/8 , 1/2 and 3/8 , it also requires a backer board, which you make, reason is, this allows you to position the backer board for the various size dovetails, it also allows you to change them, and be able to attach stop blocks and so forth, the backer is a  sacrificial item, that is easily replaced, and should be, it helps prevent chip out  and so forth,

  We  will also be releasing some table saw inserts at the same time, these again are pricy , but we have an oak insert in them which is replaceable, while designed basically for a dado blade, you can use them also for 0 clearance inserts, and simply switch the oak inserts , you will have to use a 8″ blade to make the first cut , as many saws will not allow a 10″ blade to drop low enough to get below the insert , we have them for the Saw Stop, Delta Unisaw and working on the Jet ( several), as well as the powermatic saws..  but they are coming, basically what I have done is to look at things I really wish were better or different or more effective and addressed some of those issues , and like I have always done, if I didn’t have it, I made it, and if I couldn’t make it , I had it made.. now I can share some of them with you, simple as that 

       We fully know going into this, that this is a connoisseur type of jig,  and due to the price and that you have to understand making dovetails some, ( we teach in the video, and instruction sheet”), the jig is designed to do the cutting, and you can certainly use the set spacing , or design your own, it simply is used to cut the dovetails, and pins , and to give you full control over what you want, it’s not hard at all, actually is far faster and easier than variable spaced jigs, there is no set up , and no fidgeting , or repetitive test cuts, But its for those who want  those fine hand cut dovetail’s.  I had 3 of the top dovetail jigs here, used and test them all, didn’t like the set up time, or the look of the dovetail , so here we are, this jig takes you from , clueless to expert in about 1 hour.., 

   Now the reason we do preorders as I have explained, is we don’t have huge markup’s, and we can’t afford to carry large inventories, so when we release something, we have to know what sales we have and order accordingly, then we add to that for some inventory, we also typically reduce the pricing , to compensate for your wait , and to help get the product into folks hands.So for all of you who have emailed, it’s a coming , in a week or so, just wanted to let you know.

    Well we are supposed to be getting a cold front moving thru , and some rain, that would be nice, we need the rain and a break  from the heat would a blessing, but irrespective we have to keep going, that’s the difference in doing this wood stuff for a living , hot , cold, good , bad, you have to keep building, and make do , gets tought sometimes, but we all have the same thing, no matter what the profession, we are not the generation of entitlements , we understand if you want it, earn it, there is no free lunch, I still agree with Thomas Jefferson, “seems the harder I work the more luck I have”,  I know I say that alot, but its the truth , so its time to get to work , got more drawers to dovetail, ( really) , so guess I best get to it, be safe.

Later y’all

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10 Responses to Rockin And Rollin / dovetail Jig

  1. GB says:


    With the quality products you guys produce I don’t need to see the dovetail jig in action. I know it will rival anything on the market. Go ahead and put it in the mail….It truly is Christmas in July. Thanks for all you do!

  2. ben says:

    Wow, I spied a tablesaw insert with the wooden insert somewhere (maybe one of your webisodes?) and started Googling for it awhile back. (with little luck). the next hting I know, you’ve got them. That’s service! I’m looking forward to the jig, too.

  3. George says:

    is the jig a 24 inch jig??

  4. George its 16″, but it repeats , thought on this, alot, considered that the typical use was for drawers, so wanted something easy to handle, but that could also easily repeat, we can dovetail a mile if we want to , very easy to do , draw a pencil line, move the jig and keep going

  5. Bob Kloes says:

    I have had the chance to use the prototype. Just the simplest , easiest jig to use. I don’t have all the bit sizes, but the one I have, has done a ton of dovetails and still is going strong. Charles hit the big home run with this jig.

  6. Randy says:

    Been itching to get my hands on one of these quick.. I want to use it on the sideboard I’m building..just let me know when they’re ready..

  7. Cas Sedgwick says:

    Please let me know when and how to purchase the dovetail jig and bits. I saw you use it in you tiger maple chest of drawers video. the dovetails look terrific, and the jig seems simple and straightforward to set up and use.

  8. jigs are here now, just waiting on the bits

  9. Frank Speyerer says:

    I have been unable to find the jigs on your website. I saw the bits but no jig.

  10. frank they have not been released yet ( NOV 4, 20 10), was just informed the bits shiooed yesterday

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