Going further on the pine/poplar

I have gotten several emails asking us to go the full route on the finishing pine thing, I am going to do it,  so in the next video we will actually finish something , all water base, address the like on like issue and see if we can actually get folks able to finish with water base finishes … will film it on Monday, and get it up as soon as we can, just remember , the issues we are addressing here do not just apply to pine, or poplar, but also to all sorts of woods… Hopefully after we get this video done and up , we can then focus our attention to  working wood, building, kinda of getting tired of talking about finishing all the time, but then again, its a definite problem area, so we will help where ever we can, and the Book, I think will sort it all out for folks, it will be a step by step , thing, that will yield the results folks want.. and it will be done as simple as possible… I had a conversation yesterday with a big retailer of woodworking products, they are looking to  step away from many of the oil and solvent based products by years end, they just don’t want to have to sort out , what can be sold and shipped to which state ,and risk the liability of someone  in a warehouse not catching it, and then the issue of refunding and advising customers and all the hassle ,  things are changing folks …………well back to typing and prepping wood , stay cool and safe

later y’all

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2 Responses to Going further on the pine/poplar

  1. Monte West says:

    Hi Charles:
    I finally got a chance to look at the video yesterday while the temperature went to 105 degrees. A little on the warm side.
    As far as I am concerned, you covered the first part of finishing pine very well. I don’t think you missed anything about pine. I am glad you are doing this to show how well the Blotch Control works. Years ago I wish I had something like this when I finished a large free standing cabinet.

  2. Shannon says:

    Charles, full of information as always. Great points on the relative costs between Pine and Poplar. I find myself grabbing BORG pine quite a bit cause it is so convenient (2 mins from home and longer open hours) as compared to running to sawmills (30 mins to Hearne and Groff). I use Pine a lot for utilitarian projects and secondary woods, but it is so much extra work in flattening and dealing with crazy moisture levels. I always assumed that I was saving money and it would be worth it. I have gone back and done some calculating and was shocked at what I was actually paying per board foot with the Pine. Jeesh, I have no excuse living so close to great PA sawmills, time to smarten up a bit!

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