pine video here it tis

I was polite… dont get used to it  🙂 he he he

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3 Responses to pine video here it tis

  1. Excellent Job! Hurt my back so I had an opportunity to sit ad watch the you tube video. Charles/Neil covers pine as well, maybe better as he did in the finishing DVD’s. Nice touch with the pine furniture you have made! You were clear, to the point, and I liked the comparison, and explainations of available pre stains, as well as making your own. Don’t think any commercial folks will be angry, and you covered and explained different conifers really clearly.

    Worth the time to watch. Think you have done what you said.

    DocSavage 45

  2. Oh yeah, liked the black shirt.

  3. Lim Peacock says:

    Great video! As always, more useful info than I can store in my brain pan! I will have to watch it a couple of times.
    Thanks Charles!

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