Filming the pine today

Just in a few minuets we will be filming the pine and poplar video for you tube, Sherri hopes to get it up for the weekend, and of course we have another webisode on the tiger maple dresser airs tonight as well as Marc continues his build on his dresser, so there will be plenty to see, and considering here in the eastern US, we are supposed to be in the 100 degree range all weekend, might be a good time to do some  video  watching

     When I am finished filming the video I am going to continue writing on the book, I want to get it all down while it’s still fresh in my head, We have an outline so that helps me stay on track, the hard part is not getting too over detailed, but yet making sure all the bases are covered, I have discovered that writing a book isn’t as easy as it looks, but then again it isn’t all that difficult as long as you know the subject matter, and after 4 years of research , I think I know it pretty well, I remember well spending an entire year when we did A to Z, just pure research, wiping, brushing, spraying, then do it again, use this product , then that, spent a fortune on products, alot were donated, but we sure went through a lot fo material, in any case, it sure was a lot of hard work, and with all the subsequent changes, its been never-ending, so at this moment in time, water base seems to have settled in to its own, not alot of major changes appearing on the horizon, but rest assured it will continue to evolve and you will be using it, so its time to sort it all out and make it as simple as possible, so with laptop and pen and paper, I will be doing my best to do just that.

stay cool folks,

Later Y’all

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1 Response to Filming the pine today

  1. Monte West says:

    Charles, I am home now. Got in about noon,
    Thank you for changing my ideas about Water base finishing. I thought I would never want to use water base finishes. I am still trying to understand everything about C,N. Blotch Control, water base stains Stain blockers, Etc. The class was great.
    Looking forward to catching up on the videos this weekend.
    Do the advertisement.

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