Oop’s / New Folks, Marc & Me

Thanks to Jeff Fleisher I now have my old lap top back, new keyboard and all, all clean and working like a champ , but when I put it back on-line, here came all the emails I had gotten since it was down, one email wasnt too bad it was about 450, the other , well it took 6 hours to download, so I just started deleting, cleaning it up, and somewhere along the line I think I deleted some email’s, I had not answered , I remember one, asking about if I could make some Taper Jigs , and its missing, so if you sent me an email and I havent answered , resend it, because I probably deleted it, in error, I’ll tell ya, I’m good on a computer, that’s why they have me out in the shop on my own laptop and don’t allow me to touch the main computers…

   Can’t say I blame them, it sort of like a guy asking to borrow my dovetail saws , while standing their holding a piece of metal with a mark on it…

    Well we got a lot going this week, we have some new folks helping us some, Becky Lantz and her daughter Ann, will be helping us do some filming, Becky has worked part-time for me for a number of years, and her daughter has a big interest in camera’s and filming and that sort of stuff, so they will be helping , and learning , so as to give Sherri and Crystal some back up, because I am trying to get a lot of the filming done for the show and other stuff , so I can have time to get to some big projects I really need to get done, so it’s dive in and get it done, but it still takes a lot of time and effort, but with Becky and Ann filming, Sherri and Crystal editing and formating, hopefully we can get well ahead of the game,

   The show going up tomorrow night is on the hanging cupboard, then Friday night as I understand it, we will have the beginning of the dresser build, with Marc and myself, and as I understand it, Marc will have the same , if there is any change I will blog it tomorrow, so even though its summer, hot enough to fry eggs on sidewalks, we got a lot of woodworking coming at ya, well that’s about it for now, got to get some molding made , and shape some feet for the dresser , and get them made, then some drawers , so its a busy day looks like, hope the AC’s hold out, yesterday at 4:30 pm the bank sign read 105 .., that’s a mite warm… wish we could bottle some of this up for January…   Stay safe and cool…

later y’all

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5 Responses to Oop’s / New Folks, Marc & Me

  1. Monte West says:

    You said a mouth full about the heat. Byrd Airport yesterday it was 101. Next week does not look much better. Try to stay cool and drink plenty of water.
    Have a good day

  2. Ken Weinert says:

    We have a cold front moving through and it’s supposed to top out in the low to mid 60s today 🙂

    A lot of rain is predicted as well.

    The seasons aren’t being very seasonal this year.

  3. So Marc is building with you? Or in Arizona? Ain’t tech great..when it works!

  4. Tom, Marc is building a frame and panel , sort of contemporary one in AZ, I am building a more period style, here in Va, we simply exchange videos and post them on our respective shows and we got it,.

  5. Randy says:

    Sorry your all sweatin..yesterday and today have been heavy overcast and kept temperatures in the cool 70’s out here is So. Cal..who know’s how long this is gonna last?..I don’t think Calif. Really has any seasons..it’s either hot…or cold..rain.or shine..one or the other..heh heh..

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