Video and Contest are up

here are the links to the video as well as the contest     video             contest

Again wishing every one a safe and restful holiday , and hope you give a bench a try… check out the prizes,,, it’s all free and just for fun and just for all of you… be safe

later y’all

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4 Responses to Video and Contest are up

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    Just looking for clarification on the “glue up” rule. So if I glue two narrower boards together to make a wide board then that still counts as one board, right?

  2. right Ken, glue up all you want..looking for cheap, creative and just fun, pallet’s, dumpster diving treasures , all are acceptable

  3. Scribe says:

    In the video you talked about using epoxy on the hemlock. It looked like you didn’t use epoxy when you finished your bench. I just built an outdoor bench with some pine. Should I put epoxy on the bottom of the feet? Or the whole thing? If so, what kind of epoxy?

  4. Scribe I did put some epoxy on the very bottom, of the feet , just didnt film it, it was some 60 min stuff I got at the hardware store, just what I had on hand, and again just the bottom of the feet where it will want to soak up moisture from the ground…

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