Happy 4th of July / Contest

I hope everyone , has a good holiday, and I hope you get some shop time,  just be safe and don’t over do it.

   Personally I think im just going to a whole lot of nothing, been going pretty hard, so a little  ” nonshop” time  is in order ,for me Monday the 5th is another day off, it’s the anniversary  of  my table saw accident… so since that day I havent worked on the 5th , and as well I don’t do deadlines,  that’s what happened, I had worked straight thru, about 48 hours straight, going wide open, and all we can figure is I just passed out at the saw, and my left hand rolled into the blade, I know it’s not a good thing to talk about, but there are two major lessons here, first is don’t use machines when you are tired, and second , never have the blade any higher above the work piece than you are willing to get cut,…. kind of chilling lessons, but don’t forget them,  I will also say that when the day comes saws and machines no longer give you pause , or you feel you have mastered them, think again, and remember whats  safe for one isn’t always safe for another . Just think about what you are doing and be sure your safe.. well i got a lot more filming to do on the dresser, so guess its off to get that done.

Sherri is putting up on YouTube a video on making a simple 5 board bench ,  watch for it, it will later today or tomorrow,  it’s a contest, the rules will be posted on the website,  got some really nice prizes as well, they will be listed there as well, doing this just for some fun, so hope you check it out and have some fun with it,  later y’all

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One Response to Happy 4th of July / Contest

  1. Hey Charles enjoy your long weekend and thanks for reminding us to be safe , If accidents can happen to you they can happen to anyone.

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