Building/Filming, and Checking out stuff

We got a lot accomplished on the Bombe, will get some pictures up in a day or so, Crystal has been here and we have been filming hard on the dresser we are doing with Marc ( woodwhisperer) , it’s coming along fine, hope today to get it standing, and will get some shots of it as well, I am also trying out a new saw blade , and am really liking what I see, thinking I would really like to have some made, these are super( more to follow) , they are made in the USA , and priced right, we can also have a really good sharpening and refurbishment service , I don’t know about you, but I sure like that, these folks go way beyond the typical grind thing, they do all sorts of inspection, test , and basically exactly what I said, a total refurbishment to new condition, I am sending some, ” real winners ” off to them to have them redone, so more to follow as well, I have had a lot of expensive blades ruined by either uncaring or inexperienced people, and a dado blade, well the last one I had done, cost me 90.00 , and had to send it back 3 times.. I wasnt happy, so for me personally,I just can’t seem to find anyone who really knows what they are doing, these guys have all CNC and all that stuff so it really sounds good, they also do spiral bits, so I’m going to be sending them a lot of stuff , I am anxious to see how the spiral bits do,I have never found anyone who sharpens them, this would mean a huge savings for me, I use a lot of spiral bits , and have a pretty good selection of saw blades in need of some attention, so again will keep you posted , and let you know how our experience goes…this is basically what we are doing with the store, there are a lot of folks out here who do really good stuff, reasonably priced , and most are small independent family owned businesses, who simply can’t afford to advertise a lot, and also some are geared to the industrial market but we can access the same quality , at good prices for our own use .
Our criteria is simple, quality at a fair price, and I must confess, I also like to speak with folks who speak english, and spend my $ , at home, and try to protect our own jobs,. I have been told this isn’t the smartest way to do business… maybe so, but its the right way as far as I am concerned , I mean hey,I  have  a lot  of  folks in  Canada, England, Australia, and all over the world , but if you look at the map at the bottom of our website, you wont seen any from Asia, so why should I support them, not being political here, just telling ya how I feel about it , basically its a” you support me”,  I’m going to support you , thing , and maybe our stuff will be more expensive that  the imports.. ( not really) , but at least  it may help to keep a job, , but I  have to say this as well , what I am finding, is the prices are not all that different.

 Well its back to building and filming , y’all stay cool, we have a cold front come thru and the temps are in high 70’s and low 80’s , sure feels nice, but its supposed to get back up at the end of the week, so gonna take advantage of it as best we can

Later Y’all

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5 Responses to Building/Filming, and Checking out stuff

  1. I’m sure any product you come up with will be a good one Charles

  2. Bob Miller says:

    I’m with you on this one Charles!! All the way!! Keep out jobs here!!

  3. Bob Miller says:

    In the sentence above,it’s supposed to say “our” and not “out”. But I guess people can figure that one out!!

  4. MIKE WILSON says:

    Send it to China, Send it to China, Send it to China, anything to squeeze another dime out of it.

    To all of you corporate whiz bangs out there, how much is enough?

  5. No chinese people on your map, but there is one from Japan?

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