Bombe day 13 /14

Days 10 thru 12 were spent simply cleaning up the case  and processing wood for the drawers and drawer bottoms as well as the backs and the drawer sides.  The  bottoms and the backs are made out of white pine as was the original. I would have much preferred some poplar here, but we wanted to keep true to the original piece, so pine it is. We milled the drawer stock to 3/4″, and elected to use our new dovetail jig which emulates a nice hand cut dovetail, exactly what we wanted. Fast, super fast, even with the jig set up, processing wood, and some learning curve as Frank had never used this type of jig before, we went thru the drawers in a matter of hours, not days. started at 1: 30 all done at 4, Once you get a little familiar with the jig you can make drawers in minutes, litterly! Basically the jig is used to do the cutting of both the tail and pin, as well as helping with the layout. It is a fixed pin jig so it is always in line. I like this style of jig because I can move the jig anywhere I want and set up stop blocks and just do whatever I want, and now with the ‘hand cut bits” I really like it, but any way we gave it a good work out, and no issues…

In this case we are doing  thru dovetails and doing a mahogany inner drawer front, when we have all the drawers made we will be resawing a nice big piece of 16/4 ribbon cut mahogany for the drawer fronts, this way they will all be mirror images of each other, ..I really like that , and the laminated front add a lot of strength to the drawer front’s so futuristic , the drawers will not be prone to any twisting, or other distortion , this technique also allows for insurance you get the look you want, meaning, if  we were using solid fronts and doing half blind dovetails, and made a mistake , we could loose the matched drawer front, this way not only do we require less  premier wood for the fronts, but finding matched sets of material for something this large not to mention  the thickness required for shaping the bottom drawers is hard to find, and super expensive if you do, so it just makes a lot of sense , and when they are glued they look like a solid front, really works nice, it how I have been doing drawers forever… .

So in this segment we have gotten the upper drawers built and working on the case beading that goes around the drawers. Again the beading is rabetted into the sides and the drawer division rails we then cut and mitered them, a little glue and some 23 gauge pin nails and we are good, however, the upper case is square drawers and 90 degree corners, not hard with noted exception to the top outer drawers then we have to get a little creative on the drawers as well as the beads , but then comes the drawers and the beading for the bottom case,.. this is a whole other matter, and the difficulty  bar .moves well up .. but we will tag you along when we get to them, Frank leaves today, and we will let you know when we are back at it

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2 Responses to Bombe day 13 /14

  1. Wonderful work it’s going to be a spectacular piece. The new dovetail jig works great.

  2. ben says:

    I can tell right now that looks like the jig I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been cutting dovetails with the router table/bandsaw method since you had it on the show, and that’s been cool, but this looks even faster. The bombe looks pretty sweet too!

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