Improve the Performance of your Gravity Fed Spray Gun with Water base

Yesterday I was using my Woodriver spray gun , I was using some General Finishes HighPerformance finish with a crosslinker  , so loaded up the gun with the 1000 cc cup , what I found was that the simple additional weight of the added fluid really helped atomize the finish, I was using a 1.4 needle/nozzle  , I could tell a difference when the cup started getting low , so kept toping it off , I was amazed at just how much better  it broke the fluid up,  while the gun does fine as it is , the bigger cup did make avery nice difference,    I have been playing with designing a gun, based on some of the same principles , but for now the  added weight  from the fluid in the larger cup really does help a lot, 

 What is happening , is the weight of the fluid is pressurizing the fluid and forcing it more so to the tip, while it’s not a lot of pressure its enough to make a difference due to the thicker viscosity of the Waterbase products… think of it like  a water hose, if you have a low water pressure and put your thumb over the end  you get a little spray, but if you have higher pressure pushing the water, you get a much better spray, same thing with the gun, Give it a try , you will be surprized at the difference it makes..

  I am looking forward to everyone who is coming to the class , it will a good time and we gonna make a lot of messes … I’m really good at that…

    Mike Galloway is en route, and we going to be finishing his low boy, so I have the camera battery charging and we going to give these blog photos a go.. so check back tomorrow… and we shall see how it goes, if the website goes down, and all the lights in the State go out , you will know it didnt   🙂

Later Y’all

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6 Responses to Improve the Performance of your Gravity Fed Spray Gun with Water base

  1. Great that it is happening for the students and you!

  2. Monte West says:

    Hi Charles:
    I was talking with my son today about finishing. He said the same thing you did about if the container was full the gun sprayed and you could tell it was close to empty just by the spray pattern. You could also tell by weight. You, I would think know this from spraying cars. But when you were spraying the only guns you had were siphon guns. That is some interesting information. It is always good to learn something new.

  3. Conrad says:

    Charles I have a question about finishing equipment.

    I have set aside some money to purchase some spray equipment. This will be my first go a sraying.

    I was thinking of buying the Earlex 5000 (I saw you and the woodwhisperer review these units). Now, the earlex is around $400 bucks (in Canada), am I better to spend that $400 on a compressor and a spray gun?

    What size of compressor minimum (5 gal, 10, 20gal)?

    I understand the Earlex 5000 is a 2 stage turbine and is not as efficient at atomizing some finishes like a 4 stage. How does a compressor ran spray system compare to the various staged turbines? compressor equal to a 4 stage?

    Thank you for the help.


  4. conrad, in my personal opinion, i prefer the compressed air, because it gives me alot of other uses, blow tools for dusting off, cleaning down the shop, and as well the use of air sanders , and so forth, the simple rule is get the biggest compressor you can afford, a 2 hp, 20 gal compressor will run a HVLP spray gun fine, but not for prolonged periods, it wil not run a air sander for very long, so again , look at the CFM of the tools you plan to use , and then look at what the compressor is capable of, cast iron pumps are better than alumnium, for long life, dual stage compressors are better than single stage, here is a link on the forum you need to read and understand air filtration

  5. Conrad says:

    Thanks Charles.

    One more question, what type of spray gun do you recommend to get me started? Gravity, bottom can? Also, what size needles should i start with (for waterbase finish, maybe some oil, stain etc) i don’t really care about thick paint at this point.

    thanks again.


  6. conrad , if it were me I would simply go with a gravity fed gun like this

    it has a 1.4 needle nozzle, which will cover all you need except for paint… it was on sale for 25.00 , but I now see it is not

    do not go with the 19.95 ones, you will see out there … they have issues ,

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