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well John McDwyer is headed back to New York, I really enjoyed John, simply put , super good Guy , and has a lot of talent, his visit was a welcome break and again I just really enjoyed him , John you’re welcome back any time..and We will keep the grits and country ham ready to go, ( he had them 2 mornings in a row and when he left his accent was almost gone) 🙂

Tomorrow Mike Galloway (Mikega)will be here, he will be finishing up his mahogany low boy he built similar to the one we did in the show, now Mike has been here numerous time and he is always a treat, actually he has been here enough he’s just family, like Big Bob, Carl Lett’s, Frank,Jeff, Mike and all the guys who have been here,and with the July class we will be meeting others… and the list goes on… I like that,
Frank will be here on Monday and we will get back to the Bombe , we will be working on the drawers and giving our new dovetail jig a good work out , just to be sure,
So I finally got this new lap top set up, ( not me Sherri did it), and thus far havent blown anything up yet,….. ” well , as far as I know anyway , so as soon as things calm a little, im going to learn how to do photos on the blog, and in emails, tried it a time or 2 , didn’t work out real well !
well, guess I got to get this table stained and finished.. it’s a bit of a pain, its got veneer which stays natural, and little beads around that , that have to be dyed , that never works real well, even if you tape it off, the dye likes to bleed under the tape, so I cheat , I spray a coat of shellac on the veneer ( tape off the beads,), then when dry I tape off the veneer, and using a touch up marker ( like a magic marker) I color the inside edge of the bead, then gently wipe the rest of the bead avoiding the contact edge, works well, then get the tape off , and if I get any bleed thru , the shellac doesn’t allow it to penetrate , so a little scrape with a razor blade and all is well, just one of those things you have to take your time with , but it looks good, so time to move on, and get it done, .. 

Dont know what the weather is like where you at but it’s a bit warm here ,I got the little Air conditioners  wide open , they sure help in the front part of the shop, but the finish room and back of the shop, its a mite warm,  about 110 , but finishes sure dry fast, as long as ya don’t sweat in them…. well I have cooled down a bit, so guess back to the finishing room,.. later Y’all

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7 Responses to Friends /finishing

  1. Monte West says:

    I though you said six months ago you were going to learn the Photo thing. I do understand the thing about computers. That’s why I stay in good standing with my daughter and son in law.
    Will this visit to build the Bombe complete that project or will he be back to put the Finish on the project?

  2. well Monte, sometimes 6 months passes like a week, just not enough hours in a day or days in a week sometimes, as to the Bombe, we got a litle ways to go yet, these things take some time

  3. Denis Rezendes says:

    very hot and humid up here too… sweating into finishes is always a pain. especially since I finish in my attic there’s no way to avoid it… haah

  4. John McDwyer says:

    Well it was quite an experience to walk through the doors into a shop I had never been to and it felt like home. Here I stood face-to-face with the man himself and that was like I knew him for every. Neil has said often “What you see is what you get”. Not true its better!! We had a chance to work on a broken arch for secretary I have at home. I love the way its coming out. I will post pics on the forum tomorrow. Watching Neil look at a picture and just start to make a story within minutes of looking at it is just as he has always told us. No Plans, Just a tape and a compass and away he went. “ If it looks Right it is Right “ Lets get to building it and away I went. I learned how to make a gooseneck molding, turn a rosette, and watched as he turned a finial, and play with dyes and stains to match the old patina of an old secretary. Lots of fun.!!! I had a great time appearing on the show as well.
    My wife wants to know how I can get my accent back, Three days and I speak like I am from the Souff. I told her its all that good southern cooking. Fried chicken, Grits, and Salt Ham. There might be something in that Sweet Tea that does it, Not sure though
    Well Guys I here to Tell Ya. What you see is what you get. A great guy who is giving us his all.
    Thanks again Neil
    John McD

  5. it was MY pleasure John, come back soon… just remember this woodworking thing, it isnt rocket science , and it isnt complicated , unless you insist … he he ..just a fact folk’s

  6. BeachBum says:

    Hey, whats the problem, it’s a whopping 66 d here in Morro Bay. 🙂 It’s pretty much 68 d year ’round out here!

    I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to coming out there for the finishing class! I never really thought much about fine finishing until I found you on the net and I quote “if you can’t finish, you can’t build”, that hit me right between the eyes! Been thinking a lot about that quote; so here I come, major road trip, gonna love every damn minute of it, and I know that I will cherish the experience for the rest of my life.

    See you soon,

  7. MIKE WILSON says:

    Having been there for a few days and following all the web stuff , a few emails and a couple of phone calls it feels like a family thing. I’ve met Mike Galloway, Jeff, Frank and Ed all super guys. Sherri, Crystal and Neil are about as good as they get, feel like I’ve known them for years.
    Looking foreward to another visit in Sept. a little cooler then. We have been in the upper 90s for a couple of weeks now. Welcome to Hotlanta

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