Back with Ya

While i had planned a short break over the weekend , I hadn’t planned on my lap top keyboard, going berserk, can’t say what happened, but only half the keys wanted to work, so i was able to answer a few emails on the office and video computers, but no one was real fond of that, cant say I blame them, seems no matter what I do, me and puters are not the best of friends , but we back cooking now on another lap top, We did order a new Key board for my lap top so we shall see how it goes… but I am back up and running again…
John McDwyer is down from New York , and we have been having a good time, working some wood and John joined me in filming this weeks show, over the week-end we filmed a “pine 5 board bench ” build, did some hand planing , little distressing, and stuff like that, just sort of weekend quick project, We also elected to do the hanging cupboard we had posted in the show forum, reason being , its fast easy , and since we will have the dresser , I am building, as well as the one Marc is building, we wanted something, not quite as involved as the tiger maple blanket chest, so the cupboard will be only a 2 or 3 show build, again a nice weekend , quick project, we also elected to do 2 of them, both out of pine, one we will make a little “primitive” the other we will make “nice”, reason I wanted to do this is I want you to get an understanding about dealing with and working with pine, and see how nice it can actually become, I read all too often how you cannot finish pine and poplar, as most of you well know, I certainly don’t agree in either case.

Ok , we will try to get some more stuff up tomorrow, but for the moment , good to be back with ya.

later y’all

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7 Responses to Back with Ya

  1. Ken Weinert says:

    You need to take that laptop out of the room when you’re spraying 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Replacing a keyboard isn’t that difficult if you can go online and find the maintenance manual for it. That will tell you step by step. I know IBM/Lenovo laptops have this available, I’ve not looked for other brands.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the finishing goes – it does tie in with my ideas and eventually I’ll work up the courage to actually build some furniture. Being able to do it with a less expensive wood and still make it look good would be a good first step on the journey.

    • We’ve ordered a keyboard from ebay and I’ve downloaded the ‘take your computer apart’ directions from Toshiba. I’ve replaced laptop keyboards before but I think I’ll have to breakout some of Charle’s lacquer thinner to clean out all the coffee spills!

      • Ken Weinert says:

        Depending on how he drinks his coffee it might not be too bad. Just be glad it’s not Crystal’s keyboard – Mt Dew is *much* stickier 🙂

      • mikega says:

        The lacquer thinner might work on the coffee but how are you gone to get those damn grits out of there?

  2. You’re not the only one who has computer problems. The problem w/laptops is they are dedicated all in one machines. And we have to know what the *()(&^ that message is when some program fails.LOL Multiple tasking is great until one thing fails. Like some shop tools. Hope you can get the keyboard replaced. I have little dexterity for laptop keyboards so I plug in a regular one to type on. Usually away from home office. Good you’re back up and running. Good luck on all the complications in getting product out the door. Hope your father’s day was great!

  3. You’ve talked about learning how to finish pine. Should prove interesting to have the box store folks on board, and feeling good about a build. Small skill steps. An then curly Maple!

  4. Denis Rezendes says:

    I’m really excited about these pine pieces. I’m looking to do a few distressed old looking bermuda chests with bermuda dovetails. Should be cool.

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