Check out our own Teenage Woodworker

As many of you know Denis is out here o our form quite a bit, as well as Lumber Jocks, any way Denis has submitted his Bow front table he had posted on the forum in Fine Woodworkings contest , so here is the link to his table and if you would like to give him a big thumbs up vote or make a comment please do so,  oh yea, those dovetails, are hand cut

I have often said Denis is probably one the best woodworker’s walking the planet today , and considering he is  16 years old, certainly speak’s to his talent as well as to his future… I have met both Denis and his family , and hope to catch up with him later in the summer as well..  I certainly wish Denis well in the contest.. and win or lose, his talent is quite evident .. and he is certainly a winner in my book

Well done Big D, well done indeed

check it out   

Later y’all

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4 Responses to Check out our own Teenage Woodworker

  1. Denis Rezendes says:

    thanks a lot! it means a lot to know I’ve got good people standing behind me 🙂

  2. John says:

    I never get tired reading and looking at his posts . Just amazing !!!!

  3. Serge Courchesne says:

    beautiful work it is refreshing to see this kind of workmanship keep it up

  4. Newton Eunice says:

    Denis you are amazing. Us old folks feel so inadequate seeing what you can do. The world is an open window for you.

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