Sugar Chest or Cellaret

Being southern and I are , I love southern styles ,and always have, and in recent years its popularity has been  growing , we did a DVD on the Sugar Chest / Cellaret used for storing sugar and other spices in colonial days when  it was sold in a cone form and was very expensive,  thus kept under lock and key , and its companion and often mistaken for one or the other is the Cellaret used for storing , wines and other typically alcoholic beverages , in both cases it was basically a chest on stand, not a difficult form  but an interesting one and a form that has always done well in sales and antiques of them bring substantial amounts , so just to let you see what a simple form can equate to here is one from North Carolina that just sold , note the form and the price..

Remember to thank a veteran for your freedoms this weekend and lets not forget those who remain in the battle field, it is their sacrifice that has enabled us todo  what we do and be who we are… do not forget them..

Have a safe holiday

later y’all

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2 Responses to Sugar Chest or Cellaret

  1. Monte West says:

    Thank you for remembering all of us what this weekend is all about. Remembering what Freedom cost all of us.

    I think I saw that same case on the Antique Roadshow some time ago or one just like it. I thought your’s were expense. That price almost made me pass out.

  2. Ken Weinert says:

    Thank you Charles, and like Monte I thank all of you for remembering those of us that served.

    I was lucky and spent 20 years without hearing a shot fired in anger. Please remember those that were not as lucky as I was.

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