My New Dovetail Jig Update

We got it, simply put,  Whiteside Machine will be doing the bits,  for us…  I am glad of that.. we have worked very hard to get all this worked out, and the bits designed, for those who are not aware we have working on a simplistic jig to do thru dovetails that will  look just like hand cut, with narrower necks, and we have certainly pushed the limits, but we have it now, the biggest issue was the 3/4 cut length and the narrow neck, its a lot of load on the bit, but Whiteside came through and helped us get it right… and now the part I like the most , which a lot of folks have told me it didn’t matter , but it mattered to me… it will have a big “MADE IN THE USA” and an American flag on it , and it will save some jobs .. just how it has to be…. not sure just yet of all the pricing and particulars , all I know is it makes a killer looking dovetail, and if you use a scribe line, no one will know you did not hand cut them…. in a 3/4 cut length it will be an approx 3/16 small end and a 3/8 large end.. looks sweet.. and its fast, we will be getting all the info together over the next few weeks and keep you advised… many of you have emailed and ask… so here ya go …

 I also noticed we are having a sale on DVD’s,  in order to get the prices you have to  sign up for the newsletter which is free… and it will be out in about a week or so, the girls have been swamped getting the  “all about color” DVD’s out….in case you havent signed up for the newsletter here is a link so you can , again totally free

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6 Responses to My New Dovetail Jig Update

  1. rob mcewen says:

    I may be wrong but I really believe large US companies can compete with overseas competition if they were not so greedy. I see many small companies selling there goods made right hear in the usa I’m fairly confident they make a fair profit. I’m no bussiness guy but to me if you have to ship raw materials over there have it made and ship it back that has to cost some money. I see your jig and Kehoe Jig made here and not any more than jigs made oversea maybe I’m wrong but the biggest problem I see with foreign owned american companies (and some american owned but getting a lot less of them) is they are very greedy maybe just paying us back for not liking us. Sorry got off track glad t see a small company doing it right I wish you and Kehoe and all the small non greedy companies the very best


  2. Is your dovetail bit going to have a bearing on it? If so, what size is the O/D of the bearing? Is the bit going to be sold separately? I was hoping to use it with my Katie Jig.


  3. Ace it does have a bearing, a 5/8 like the katie but the katie is a completely different degree , it wont work, katie is a 7 or 8 degree with a 5/16 small diameter we are approx 9 degree with a 3/16 neck , the key to the hand cut is have the degree correct and the small neck, thats why we will have 3/4 ,5/8 , 1/2 and 3/8 cut length bits…

  4. Rob , its tough , foreign competition with super low wage labor , is hard to compete with , but we shall hold on to trying to keep it home grown..

  5. Ace HoleInOne says:

    I don’t understand. The only DT jig I ever used was the Katie and the supplied bit. So the bits are matched to the forks some how?

    How about using those new bits of yours with any other type of jigs out there?

    (sorry if posted 2 times it error out)


  6. yesevery jig , the dovetail bit has to be set to the specific degree the pin jig cuts or it wont fit

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