Veritas Skew Block Plane and Swollen Wood

I never thought anyone would beat  a nice low angle block plane, I was wrong , I got one of these a couple of weeks ago, and I have to tell you , this is the sweetest block plane I have ever used , the skew angle combined with the low 12 degree angle make it super on end grain and high figured woods, as well as its rabbet work capability , for adjusting and cleaning tenons , sliding dovetails, etc, .

  They have an introductory price going on now, here is the link,41182,48942

I have a lot of veritas products and have always been  very happy with them,  as well I also got  a set of these square hole chisels, many like these for green and green  , as well as arts and crafts style furniture , for making  the square hole for a raised plug to go into , I like them for squaring the top portion of a tenon peg to keep the  square well-defined

take a look,41504,41541&ap=1

I also ordered some of their powdered dyes and finishing brushes.. haven’t worked with them yet  but I’m “fixin” too, I really like the look of the brushes,  you know me , always looking for something that makes life easier and better…

Actually while I was looking up these links I ordered one of these,  for using on drawers , and legs, but mainly I want to give it a go for the beading on the case face of  Bombe chest, this looks like the answer to a  tough operation…,41182

I know this sounds like a commercial , but not the case, just some things I found I really like and feel worth telling you about… and I know we have a lot of new folks and just want you to be aware of  Lee valley.., and after 20+ years of dealing with them I will further say , you wont be disappointed , with anything from them, and I would imagine  many of you have dealt with them as well… if so tell us your thoughts…

    Yesterday , it was raining and high humidity,  In filming the upper case  for the high boy, I had milled the pins on the dividers for the sliding dovetails , and put them in a plastic bag, did that on  Friday,  so yesterday I got them out and we started the assembly, no issues, but I started noticing the dovetails were getting tighter, the drawer guides that  run in a sliding dovetail all the way across the sides, as  I got  to the last couple I had to take a rabbet plane and shave the drawer guide, it was too tight,  when I got to the last ( wouldn’t you know),  divider,  I shaved the dove tail , and went to glue it in, It was super tight, I was committed, I knew it wasn’t coming back out, So I gave it a good solid “smack” with the mallet,  yep you guessed it, I knocked a hunk out of the case, Luckily it was in the back and on the inside, and a little glue and clamps all is fine, but  their was that camera, rolling along.. it never fails, if that camera is on , I’m gonna make a mistake,  but hey its just how it is, but the thing I want to bring to your attention, is how much the wood swelled, in a 4 hour period, it was hot and dry when I milled them,  I also turned the air conditioners on to pull as much humidity out as I could,  what I should have done was to either turn on some forced air heat to dry the air out, or not milled them until I was ready to put them in,  and I knew that , I also did not have any hide glue, my favorite for dovetails , as well as urea resin,  they  set slower as well they have a lubricating property , which helps assembly, but instead  I used tight bond III ,  which  tacks quick,  now any  glue except for epoxy and poly will also swell  the joints, especially the end grain pins of dovetails, so if you have a nice tight fit dry, you might want to do a scrap test fit with glue, it can make a big difference, I have also seen  dovetailed drawers fit perfectly , apply glue and you crack the wood trying to get them together…. so again do some testing, and use a slow setting glue .

Well the case is fine and all is well, so time to wrap it up ,  later y’all

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3 Responses to Veritas Skew Block Plane and Swollen Wood

  1. Denis says:

    I love lee valley and order from them all the time. Don’t forget to check out the carbide bandsaw blade. It really is amazing!

  2. john says:

    Some GUY I know ah hum . Turned me on to them a short time ago could not be happier. It’s is nice to work with a tool that just makes you look like you know what you are doing. They just work and work well .
    I never could figure out why someone would want to hand cut a dovetail and if you had the saws I had you would say the same thing. Until I bought a saw from Lee Valley now I look for a reason to use it. Great tools

  3. Outstanding story there. What occurred after? Good luck!

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