Back in the shop and hanging with Marc

back at it full steam, been wide open, had to get a show filmed , just finished, at 3:30 pm EST, Sherri is now editing and trying to get it uploaded By 7 pm, , it will  be close , but we will get there… been a very busy week, just lots of different stuff to get done. But I think it has calmed down enough we can move ahead, got a lot of projects to get done, I’m ready to just make sawdust.. I love to get in my shop and just rock and roll

  Marc ( the Woodwhisperer) and I have been talking about a collaborative build, meaning , we will build a dresser , Marc is looking to do a more contemporary piece, in frame and panel  , I am thinking more of a traditional piece, it will be for our respective shows… I think it would be fun, that way everyone gets to see 2 different  ways to build a dresser as well as 2 different styles… stay tuned we will let you know if we can pull this off.

UPDATE: just spoke with Marc.. its a go, this will be fun, and you will get  2 for the price of 1 …   the build will be a dresser or better put a chest of drawers… can’t wait

   Well Sherri is editing, I need to clean up so I can film another show tomorrow morning so we are again ahead on them..

Later Y’all

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4 Responses to Back in the shop and hanging with Marc

  1. rob mcewen says:

    Charles you are a glutton for punishment I think you are the happiest when your are covered up with work. Enjoy your shows and Web site very much hope you don’t burn your self out. One day would love to see you build a Massachuttes Block Front Chest. Looking forward to tonights show

  2. Curious, is this going to be your next (show) project build? If not, when is this going to take place?


  3. Rob, hold tight , we just gettin warmed up…. happiest when covered in work… you bet ya , doing fine and feeling good , on a diet… big time, I gained about 30 or more pounds.. and its from sitting on computers and stuff, its got to go, so for me its rock and roll in the shop time, sweaty and covered in saw dust is just how i like it…

  4. Great Idea! Expanding the concept of “fine furniture.” Combining the skill sets can give a new “ah ha” to what is being done. I’ve been looking at furniture and attempting to see why the piece works. This show should add to the ability of your students to see, the whole and the parts. Again great idea!

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