OMG can it really be possible

A typical Thursday night, is holding your breath to see who is going to have down load issues.. then respond and see what you can do… we have no emails… could it possibly be this thing is fixed… waiting to hear…

and we got the DVD filmed…  am I dreaming here… hope not…

got a little last min filming to do .. later y’all .. have a good weekend .. find some shop time. if ya can..

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5 Responses to OMG can it really be possible

  1. Monte West says:

    Good morning:
    I just could not let you off that easy. The show came in my eyes a litter clearer than previous shows. No, problems from a Comcast user.
    The drawer front is clear now. I was thinking that the last weeks show the drawers were going to be inset. You are difference making me a believer in the applied front for drawers.

  2. Monte, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I know Ken and Sherri are feeling it far more than I, this has been a major issue, but as with all issues, woodworking, finishing or what have you , determination and perseverance will usually over come .. Its always in the small details…

  3. Charles, for me, it’s getting to be too many things to do, and everything needs specific attention. Glad you’re completing or at least finishing. thank god every day dude, ya got Sherri, to cover your dusty back.

  4. I agree Doc, I certainly would not be here if it were not for her… he he he .. just ask her.. she tells me this everyday ..or so it seems.. she says if something happens to me, she will just do reruns.. guess she has a point…

  5. HA,HA,HA,HA, Then you’d be just like Norm!

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