Its finally Done and We on the cover

Well for me the really exciting news is today I film the last of the coloring DVD, after getting the blotch thing fixed we then had to go after the  “like on Like” issue, we got it, I talked to chemist, after chemist, mixed, stirred, slopped, sprayed, wiped, brushed, nothing really worked… then I went back to the beginning, and my grass-roots and found the answer.. a 1/2 lb cut of amber shellac does 2 things, first it drastically reduces the migration and pull off second, it adds the amber tint that is a major issue with water base , problem solved… as far as I am concerned,  I  was determined to offer the hand guys a solution, spraying is the ultimate answer , but many just wont go there.. for various reasons,  so the short answer is to the problem for the hand guys, is the same 1/2 lb cut, but you have to use a good natural hair brush and apply it wet and don’t over brush, you will still get a little pull off, but far less than wiping, you want just the tip of the brush to lay down a thin wet coat , after dry if you need to scuff sand it  use a little 600 or finer and go very easy, you have very little film there, then rewipe with your stain or dye and move on, if you are going to brush a waterbase topcoat use a 1lb cut ,you want a heavier film, as the top coat will require more brushing to level.. it’s just how it is, spraying, is simple, again a thin wet coat of 1/2 lb amber shellac, ( dewaxed) apply stain  or dye , and the 1 lb  before the topcoat.. and its rock and roll… it sure sounds simple, and is, but it sure wasnt an easy find, I kept wiping the shellac, and it would pull color off, I tried adding finish to dyes to create a binder, adding more finish to stains to increase the binder , nothing worked… I knew the shellac was the answer, but how to get on without spraying,  it’s again a fine natural hair brush, not the .39 cent ones at the box stores, get a good Purdy or Corona, they are not cheap , but its the key, also remember if you are applying water base any thing you want the reverse in a brush , you want a synthetic  , NOT a natural hair,  but for top coats, those foam brushes do pretty well, but again not for shellac, it will dissolve them

  Well my Woodcraft Magazine arrived today and there I am, on the cover.. it hits newsstands around the 25th , if any one has an interest.. well I am off to finish the DVD, and mix a batch of Pre-Stain.. this is a good day… as simple as it is, on film, it sure wasnt the case getting there… but it will be done… what a trip.. I am going to do one last DVD , just because things have changed a lot, on spraying water base .. but it will be a while, that for me is pretty easy, been doing it forever… and there are no new issues to conquer… when you understand spraying, yo understand it, the product is irrelevant, if you can learn to spray one , the rest fall in line as well…

 Well off to finish… maybe life will return to normal shortly, Sherri and Ken have also been buried in the show download, experimenting and testing,  as I under stand it, they have it as good as it can get… and perhaps Ken or Sherri will pipe in here and explain better than me, but basically its an issue of trying to get 5 gal in a 1 gal bucket…we are putting out 5 gal, your computer will hold 5 gal, but the connection will only hold a gal, and that varies depending on how many are using your service…at a given time… seems some can’t get it no matter what we do… no one said this would be easy, and it isn’t… but here we are.. later y’all

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9 Responses to Its finally Done and We on the cover

  1. Jay Highland says:

    You are simply amazing. Thanks from all of us learning from you – your dedication and determination is unmatched. Looking forward to the DVD’s and all you have put together. Haven ‘t seen the Woodcraft mag yet, but glad to hear of your recognition. There was a blurb about “Blotch Control” by Marc on Wood Talk Online last night. There seems to be a lot of folks catching on to your work, from many different areas. Glad to hear you are having a Good Day – Enjoy!

  2. Jay its a super great day, yes I called and thanked Marc… we get along well , he does alot of good for Woodworking ..

    but I also got my test bits for my dovetail jig… more coming.. but its looking good.. been a tough road but I see some light at the end of the tunnel… glad of that

    thanks my friend ..

  3. Ken Weinert says:

    One thing you can try and do when you’re watching the show is to make as sure as you can that you’re not doing anything else.

    Have your email client running? It’s checking to see if you have new stuff to read – and that takes up some of the bandwidth. Have other web sites open? Maybe those adverts are getting updated.

    For those of you with big piplelines it won’t matter. The show isn’t using up all the available bandwidth so you can do more than one thing at a time.. For those that are close to the bandwidth the show needs to display smoothly (example: Sherri at the shop. When she’s uploading videos it slows down other things that are downloading.) you need to try to make sure that other things aren’t competing with the show.

    There’s only one pipe to move those bits and it all adds up, so if you’re having problems try to make sure that other programs that connect to the internet aren’t also running.

    As an indicator of where you stand, take a look at and run that test. If the number on the left is 4500 or higher you stand a good chance of being able to view the show without problems. The higher the number the more likely you’ll have a very good experience. If it’s close to that number then you’ll want to take the precautions I mentioned above. If you’re below that number it’s more likely you’ll still have the problems with stuttering and delays.

    That’s not a hard and fast number as it does still depend to some extent on your computer and how much horsepower it has and there are other factors besides raw download speed that can affect how the video gets to you – but it is an indication.

    If you do have an issue I would appreciate it if you could run that speed test and then use the page at to send me the number you got.

    Thanks again for your support and patience.

  4. Carl Letts says:

    now ya went and done it, Ken….you know good and well us guys are now gonna make this speed test thing into a competition to see who can get the highest number!

    On a serious note….I’ve been to Neil’s shop, twice now (it’s only a 5 hour drive for me) and I have to admit the first time I was there I was a little bit star struck but that lasted literally less than 3 minutes. He’s just like anyone else you’d meet in a small town kind of setting. He just happens to have a set of skills and he enjoys sharing his skills with anyone wanting to learn them. THAT is what makes him different from most. Why would he go through all the man hours and expense of trying to find a way to “make it work without spraying”? Because he’s constantly thinking about the guy who doesn’t have “all the latest/biggest” equipment and has to make due with what they have. (If you’ll notice, in all of his videos whenever he’s demonstrating how to do something, he’ll show several ways to do it using several different tools/jigs) Yes, I’m a subscriber to his show….$26.96 a month for Hundreds of dollars worth of advice and instruction. My point is, Neil goes WAY “above and beyond” and I wanted to use this space to say Thank You, Neil… for helping ME to become better at this thing we call woodworking

  5. Carl Letts says:

    oh, and by the way….Sherri’s kinda ok, too ;o) ( just don’t show up at the shop unless ya have some peanuts for her!!)

  6. Carl would you not like to say ” packaging peanuts”, not the eating variety… she has this thing about “Buying” and paying for shipping of packaging peanuts… so Carl will bring her a bag… When we get stuff shipped she prefers the folks who use peanuts, because then she can recycle, but looks like she is going to break down and buy some… it will be hard ..but she will do it…

  7. Sherri says:

    Oh, now I understand, I am just OKAY! That explains why you didn’t stop in and say Goodbye when you left last week! LOL!

  8. Hey…Charles…you know yor gonna think of something else! LOL Seriously the newest guy in the beginning place is also someone who needs to figure it out. charles has said things to builders like me that make sense, because he is a finish guy and thinks from that perspective. Thanks.

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