Major Video Upgrade…

well its done , Sherri and Ken have searched and searched , and found a service to host our videos, they specialize in Video Streaming , which is exactly what we have in the show,  so we bit the bullet and went for it, we now have the highest quality video we can do , an hour show makes for a huge file, so down loading it has been as issue, thats resolved, this is as fast as we can get, what is cool is in a matter of a minute , the entire show is down loaded, you can fast forward , go back or stop any where in between … They have all worked many days to get this set up and working, so I hope  it brings alot better presentation to all our show subscribers.. how ever fast it is there are still issues with streaming video , these are rendered in as high a quality as can be done for the  file size, smaller files can be done in greater definition, like You tube uses, its a major difference  in how You tube and these work, but this as is a good as we can get it at the moment…when you go to a full screen view you will see some distortion, its because you are washing out the picture or better put , like thinning a dye or stain, there are only so many of them pixels to spread around… the Low boy webisodes are now in the new format.. give them a look and try moving around the video, there will be a menu bar at the bottom , just place your cursor and click it and the bar will show up… hope you like it…


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4 Responses to Major Video Upgrade…

  1. Monte West says:

    Thank You, Thank You . It is real nice to see you clearly. Before when I looked at the show you always looked like you were in a cloud of dust. No pun intended. The detail on some items are a little fuzzy when I watch the show on a 24″ HD screen, but the color is great. Sherri you did a great job. Thank you again

  2. monte,, did you check the down load speed

    • Monte West says:

      Yes, I noticed that the whole show was there almost as soon as i opened the show. I also jumped all around three of the shows. When I am looking for something special from a show it there when I jump to it.
      By doing what you did it improved the show at least 100%, now we have to improve the guy on the screen. Ha,Ha
      Thanks again for going the extra mile to make a better show.

  3. Kehoe Jig says:

    For me it’s about 1000% faster. I promise to enjoy it because I know that kind of thing ain’t cheap or anywhere near it.

    Thanks for the super-duper whiz-bang improvement. It’s awesome.

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