My prestain/Blotch control.. releases today

Well its done, packaging is here, product making, labels done, testing done , video filmed, Sherri has the video uploading to you tube as we speak.

  So that’s done finally, been a long haul , now  got some projects I HAVE to finish , as well as get a new heating element in the clothes drier, and it is 5 pm , so looks like I will be here a while as well as tomorrow afternoon, but so it goes…Sometimes trying to keep all the ends tied together , or even meeting  takes a lot more than we think.. but I’m not telling any of you anything you don’t already know. Maybe its just me but , them ends seem to get further and further apart…

 I will be anxious for you to see the video ( short one , because of you tube), on the blotch control, and will be anxious for some of you to give it a go, it just works, is all I have to say about it, I tested it on some solid wood and plywood , ( ply stains different from solid), no issue with this stuff… I wish it were cheaper… but the biggest issue is it works, something that has not been the case thus far… I look back over my 30 or 40 years finishing , and think about all the times I wish I had this stuff and all the issues it would have solved… but now is better than never.. glad we found it ,  it will make finishing life a lot easier .. big time. 

Well guess I best be going and getting that dryer element… dryer is 20 + years old, this is the 3rd one, but cheaper than a new one,  laterYa’ll

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7 Responses to My prestain/Blotch control.. releases today

  1. teenagewoodworker says:

    can’t wait 😀

  2. Awesome…look out shellac…new kid on the block…

    P.S. while your working on the dryer, install a new belt and check the drum rollers…if your see metal flakes it wont be long and time for new ones……


  3. I agree Ace, would like to get a new one, but this old Maytag ( when they were made here), just wont quit..installed a new element, and the belt,, did the rollers last time… working like a champ… why cant we still make stuff like this… bought a “newer maytag Microwave .. went out in less than a year..same with a stove.. paid big $ all the fancy stuff…nothing but issues .. I dont mind paying for something that works and will last… just getting hard to find these days,

    • Andrew says:

      Reminds me of my grandpa’s hundred-year-old axe.
      I said, “One axe for 100 years?”
      He said, “Yup, and I only had to replace the and handle three times and the head twice!”

  4. Monte West says:

    I guess that’s what we get when we live in the 21TH Century.
    Got a question about the Pre- Stain. When you have Oak plywood and Oak and use the pre-stain will both finish looking closer to the same color? In the past, I can see a difference in color between the two materials. If this product will make the lines between the two almost disappear it will be great.
    Buy a Whirlpool and never look back. I think they are now better than Maytags.

  5. Monte , it will work on the solid and plywood, it equilizes the surfaces to a uniform one, did well

  6. John Leonick says:

    I just tested the blotch control on a piece of maple, after having numerous blotching issues with a recent project. I am completly sold on this product, the stain came out flawless!

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